The Perhaps

This is my entry for the "An Unexpected Adventure" Competition- although, my entry should be called "The Unexpected Adventurer". I'm not entirely sure what to write as a resume- maybe you guys can leave some suggestions in the box below? Thanks, I'd appreciate some feedback :D


1. Chapter 1

All stories must come to an end, sooner or later. Even the ones that we love the most. But Quentin McLaine knew that more than anyone else in the entire world; because tonight was his last night on Earth. His story was coming to end.

But, Quentin sighed, That was okay. He, like every other person who had once stood on this planet before him, had waited his whole life for this moment. He had fought in a war with children and scared old men and had seen great cities with small, dear little people in them burn to the ground; he had married a rosy plump girl and had rosy plump babies; he had watched those babies cry and laugh and grow; he had watched those babies leave. His wife too had gone and was now in the place between where the stars and the Sun meet. It was where Quentin would be soon. All he had to do was wait in his wooden-rocker for a soft knock at the door and take Death by the hand like a dear old friend. Down the road; along the lane; across the stream; through the meadow; into the sky. 

Except, there was just one thing that Quentin McLaine had left to do.

Go on an adventure. 

"Little boys aren't meant to have adventures," Quentin's father had told him once as a child. Quentin, that very afternoon, had gotten into a terrific scrape, involving his next-door neighbor's particularly vicious Pug, a cricket ball and a round of conker-matches. "You'll have plenty of time for those things when you're older." His father continued, cleaning out a small graze on his son's elbow with warm water. Quentin winced. 

"But what if I don't find any adventures when I'm grown up?" He inquired, beating his feet against the chair he was sitting on. At that moment, his belly let out a monstrous rumble. "And when will tea be ready?" Quentin groaned, swinging his feet back and forth again and clutching his stomach.

"Be patient." His father replied placidly. It was only later that Quentin realized his father had given him an answer to both questions that day. Quentin would find an adventure, whether it took him 70 years to do it. All he had do was be patient.

He was ready. He had closed all of the windows in the house, turned off all of the lights and left out a saucer of milk for his Cat. Quentin knew exactly where he needed to go: down the road; along the lane; across the stream; into the field at the top of the hill. 

But it wasn't quite time for him to walk into the sky yet. No. Quentin had an adventure to go on. 

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