The man in the white suit

london meets a mysterious building owned by the feared man in a white suit.


1. The Man in the White Suit

The rain splashed down onto the cars below,
the grey clouds shifting across the white mist sky.
The motorway at evening rush hour meets the wet spray and the biting wind.
Fog lights are on and the reflections bounce off the wet roads, dancing from puddle to puddle before pirouetting into the gutters and drains.
London, the busy city, all buildings and traffic and tarmac, telephone poles and creaky cranes,
groans rusting beneath the heavy downpour.
Red buses heave with the familiar sound of rumbling and hissing,
taking children from school and suited men from the dark grey building across town that everyone can see yet the purpose of which is unknown.
Through the concrete jungle, a distraught teenager makes their way to the bus shelter, hiding behind the odd wall to avoid a meeting with the local drunk.
The rain stops gradually leaving behind a fresh, clean smell and a blue white sky,
With the passing of the smoke clouds, the separation between sky and cloud just visible and with no hope of a rainbow through the polluted air.
It descends into a crisp, red evening as the front door to the dark grey building closes for the last time.
A man with piercing eyes, wearing a white suit and a black hat that shadows his face,
steps out, lights a cigar and calls a taxi.
Onlookers wonder what strange happenings occur in the building with unknown purpose,
But they carry on about their business, making their questions and queries unapparrent and mute,
For fear of the man in the black hat and white suit.

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