Lily, a 17 year old, isnt really the most popular kid around. She only has one friend who is by her side all the time. She has had a huge crush on the most popular kid in her school, Louis Tomlinson, for a while now but she just cant give this crush up. She knows nothing will happen between them, or so she thought


6. Your partner is....

The next day i met Emma in first period instead of walking with her to school. 

"HEY LILY!" she yelled a bit. i luaghed.

"Hey Em!" i said. and we hugged eachother, 

"Hey lesbians!" Paige said which made Louis grin, and Cassidy and Amber laugh. Yeah, im so over Louis.

"Shut up" i said angrily. Why do we always have to be the ones getting picked on? i swear, sometimes i just want to punch them in the face. i sat down beside Emma. 

"They are freakin' jerks" she said and i chuckled a bit. 

"More than jerks" i said to her and we laughed. Then the bell rang and the teacher walked in. \

"Today, we will be assigining seats because there has been some talking going on in alot of my classes." he said. I hope i get by Louis. Wait what am i saying? i hate Louis right? i meant Emma, yeah. I hope i get by Emma. After he assigned the seats, i wasn't pleased. i was sat between Amber and some weird person who is currently collecting the gum from the bottom of the table. Eww. And i feel sorry for Emma to. She was between Amber and Cassidy. Couldn't get worse than that. Me and Emma sat beside eachother in second period and third period as well and so on until science class came. 

"Bye Lily! hope you have fun" Em said as we went our seprate ways. I walked in science and sat down at the double desk i was assigned yesterday, egger to see who my partner is. The bell rang and still, nobody was sitting in the seat next to me. 

"Alright class, Before i get the lesson started,i need to give you your project for you and your partner. You two will have to work together on a project about the specific subject i give to you. You may not work on it in school you must visit eachother to work on it. It must be due in thre-" he was cut off by someone walking in. 

"Ahh, good to see you Mr.Tomlinson. Your partners with Mrs.Gram. Go take your seat." The teacher said and Louis huffed. Great. i have to be partners with the guy who bullies me. This shold be interesting. 


Louis POV

After fourth period,I was heading to my next class, Science. I ditched yesterday because i really dont enjoy science that much but i knew today i needed to go. i stopped to use the bathroom and while i was washing my hands, the bell rings, meaning you only have two minutes to get to class. I was on the complete opposite side of campus so i ran so i wouldnt be late. Apparently i was because when i walked in the teacher was talking. 

"Ahh, good to see you Mr.Tomlinson. Your partners with Mrs.Gram. Go take your seat." He said. Really? WTF! i get the most annoying person ever as my partner? this couldnt be any better. I sat down beside Lily. This is really horrible. 

"Do i really have to be partners with her?" i asked the teacher as he was waiting for me to sit down.

"Yes, now take your seat!" he said and i sat down. 

"Okay so as i was saying, The project you and your partner are assigned cant be worked on at school, meaning you two must go visit eachother to complete it together. if i find out only one person did it, you will recieve three zeros each and detention for a week. Also, this project must be due in three weeks." He said. No, im not doing this, well i am but i dont want to. This is going to be the worst three weeks of my life. "You need to start on the project today" he finished. Great. Just Great. "I would like for you to discuss with your partner oh when and where you will complete the project as i come around and assign what the project is on." The teacher said. 

"Whose house will we go to?" she asked soflty.

"Yours" i said simply. She is not going over to my house, i would get the wrong impression from my sisters and my parents. Plus if we go to hers i can make fun of how small and poor it is. 

"Okay" she said shyly as if she knows i will hurt her. 

"Yeah whatever. i'll meet you at your car" i said and the teacher came and smiled at us.

"You two have how plants survive and their adaptations in envornments. aslo how they reprduce." He said then walked off. Me and Lily both shook out heads to him as he left. Then the bell rang.

-Lunch time-

Lilys POV

"Tell me who your partner is!" she begged like a baby.

"Em, its Louis. and he has to come over to my house and work on a project. This day just keeps getting better and better.." i said sadly. She could see the sadness in my eyes. 

"Lily, its okay.i have to do the same with Paige so we basically have to deal with the same people." She told me. i shook my head and continued eating.




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