Lily, a 17 year old, isnt really the most popular kid around. She only has one friend who is by her side all the time. She has had a huge crush on the most popular kid in her school, Louis Tomlinson, for a while now but she just cant give this crush up. She knows nothing will happen between them, or so she thought


4. The Note

After lunch i met up with Emma at our next class, math. We sat down and I didnt say anything. i think i heard her ask me something but i was torn. I dont know if i should still love Louis or just forget about him. I forgot how much of a bully he is so i think i might want to forget about this crush i have, or had.

"LILY!" Emma shouted. i guess she was wanting to tell me something.

"What?" i asked. 

"Okay, whats up? i called you name like seventeen times!" she sounded frustrated.

"im sorry, i was just thinking about Louis, you know, if i should still like him but i decided i shouldnt." i whispered loud enough for only Emma to hear.

"Really? i think that was a s-" she was cut off by the bell. 

"Hello class! Im Mrs.Higgins and this is Math. We will actually learn today and we are going to talk about...blah blah blah" is what i made myself hear. i zoned out again. How did i forget Louis always bullies me, i guess i just like him for his looks. That doesnt surprise me. I felt a tap on my shoulder and Emma handed me a note. 

'Really? That was a very stupid idea!' 

it read. Why was it so stupid?

'Well, he was being mean to us today so... why should i like him anymore?'

i replyed and threw the note towards her and she picked it up.

'Because, if he his your science partner tomorrow, you will need to be nice to him and maybe JUST MAYBE he likes you?' 

she answered. i chuckled a little. there is no way he likes me. 

'Come on em. There is no way the boy likes me. Not even if i was Meagan Fox!' i was about to pass it to her but the bell rang and again, Cassidy comes to pick on me. 

"Whats that? a note?" she asked me. Oh crap. There is no way she can reading this.

"Yeah and you cant read it." Emma said. its like she read my mind. i love her!

"Yes, i think i can!" she said. She snatched the note from my hand but it torn in half. One half in her hand and one in mine. Thank God!

"Looks like youve got your way this time" she said with a dirty look on her face as she threw half of the note on the floor and walked off.

After two more classes it was time to go back home. i asked Emma if she wanted to come so she came. We walked in and saw my brother and his girlfriend making out on the couch. We both started to laugh and we walked around the couch silently and went up to my room. We both bursted into laughter. After a while we stopped.

"Trust me!Louis is going to be your science partner!" Em said as she got out her books to complete our homework. i did the same.

"Stop being stupid Em! He is not going to be my partner.." i said laughing a little bit.

"You know he will be but you just dont want to believe it." she said smirking. "And you know deep down inside that you still like him, yeah?" she finished. 

"How did you know and no, how am i suppost to still like someone who bullies me?" i said.

"I know because im your sister! and whatever.." she said. 



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