Lily, a 17 year old, isnt really the most popular kid around. She only has one friend who is by her side all the time. She has had a huge crush on the most popular kid in her school, Louis Tomlinson, for a while now but she just cant give this crush up. She knows nothing will happen between them, or so she thought


7. Study time!


I walked towards my car and saw Louis waiting against the wall of the building. He walked up to me and spoke.  

"What took you so long?" he asked me.

"I was busy." i said.

"Busy with friends?oh yeah, you dont have any." he laughed.

"Lets just go" i said walking up to my car. 

"When did you get this?" he asked referring to my Porsche family car.

"I got it for my birthday" i said. When we were talking i wasnt using a welcoming tone. i was using a 'im botherd' tone. 

"I thought you were poor" he said to me. Is this the guy i was falling for a couple of days ago? i cant believe it.

"No" i said. I hope that didnt make me sound snobby.

Louis POV

We were driving for what seemed only five minutes with out anyone saying a word. i have to admit, it was actually awkward. She parked outside of a house and i have to say, it was huge. 

"This is where you live? i asked surprisingly.

"Yes" She answered a bit annoyed.

We both stepped inside and there was a woman in the kitchen with blonde hair just like Lily. 

"Lily!" she yelled and came over to hug her.

i tried my hardest not to laugh as she widened her eyes and looked at me. 

"And who's this?" she asked.i dont know if she was asking me or Lily but i answered anyway. 

"Im Louis. We are working together on a science project." i said awkwardly. She just smiled. 

"Nice to meet you Louis, im Beth." She said as she held her and out for me to shake. 

"Well, we are going upstairs to study" Lily said as she headed to the stairs as i followed. 

"Alright, no goofing around!" she yelled back at us. 

Oh My God. 

"Mom!" Lily yelled back annoyed. 

"What you are both 18 and yall need to waite before anything serious happens!" Her mom yelled back. 

"Oh my God. Mom we are not together!" Lily yelled.

"Ohh.." her mom said. 

We finished walking up the stairs and i laughed. 

"I cant believe she thought we were together!" i said laughing.

We walked into her room and there were books every where! There were Hunger Games, Twilight, Pretty Little Liar, and lots more scattered around the floor! its just what a nerds room would look like! I chuckled a little at the sight of a Justin Bieber poster on her wall. We decided to get the books out and study. We both sat down on her bed and opened our textbooks. She flicked through the pages of her book and i just stared at her. He eyes were a beautiful blue color and had a perfect sparkle in them and her hair looked smooth and silky and dirty blonde. Waite no, i hate her eyes. i hate her! She noticed that i was staring at her and she had an uncomfortable look on her face. 

"Urm, is something wrong?" she asked. Come on Louis, make something up!

"I just cant believe how much of a nerd you are!" i smirked. She looked at me like she was hurt but she shrugged it off and kept flipping through her book. 

"Whats with the Justin Beiber posters?" i asked.

"I just like Justin Beiber." she said, annoyed. 

"Your just a little obsessed" i said chuckling a bit. 

"No, im not obsessed.." she said. 

i kept chuckling and grabbed a book. i started going through the pages and took notes down. Whats the point of all this stuff i dont understand? i was about to make a comment but i decided to tease Lily a little. I took her hand and started to make circles on the back of her hand with my thumb.

"Im bored" i whined. 

her cheeks turned bright red and she quickly snatched her hand away from mine and stood up. 

"Umm.. if we are done studying, i can take you home?" she asked shyly. 

"Your right, i need to get home" i said. Thank god i finally get to leave! 

We got to her house and it took a good twenty minutes to get back to my house. i thanked her and walked into my house. My sister was standing in the living room looking out of the window. 

"And who was that?" Lottie asked with a smirk on her face. 

"Just a nerd i had to do a project with" i said.

"I dont believe you" she said crossing her hands over her chest, still smirking.

"No really, i dont like her." i said firmly. 

"Whatever Lou" she said walking off. i swear, some people just dont understand when i tell the truth although i do lie alot. Whatever.


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