Lily, a 17 year old, isnt really the most popular kid around. She only has one friend who is by her side all the time. She has had a huge crush on the most popular kid in her school, Louis Tomlinson, for a while now but she just cant give this crush up. She knows nothing will happen between them, or so she thought


5. "Emily"

Me and Emma finished our homework and went downstairs. How long can two people kiss on the couch? i threw a pillow at my brother and they broke away. 

"I guess ill be going" his girlfriend said and left. right when she left me and Emma bursted out in laughter. 

"Its not funny!" Jake said. 

"Its not funny!" Emma said in a babyish voice as she went to the fridge to get a coke.

"Anyone want one?" she asked. Jake and I both agreed we wanted on and we all sat down in the living room. 

"So, you still like Louis or...?" My brother asked me. Honestly, i dont. After what he said to me today. Even though he always used to bully me like that, i dont see how i still liked him. 

"Over it!!" i said snapping my finger which made him laugh.

"Good" he said. Why does Emma say its stupid? i mean, clearly its not stupid that im over my crush. He and his friends always bully us at school so why should i like him? Does she know something i dont? whatever.

"How was school, honey?" My mom asked as she walked down the stairs.

"It was how school normally is" i said and Emma and Jake both shook their heads in agreement. 

"Good to hear!" she said. "And Jake, who was the girl i walked in on when you two were-" She was cut off by him.

"She was no one!" Jake said and me and Emma giggled.

"Oh really?" i asked, still giggling. "She was nobody yet, you were kissing her like there was no tomorrow!" i laughed.

"Well, shes my girlfriend, thats it." He said blushing.

"Oh really? Whats her name?" i asked. i know he wont know the answer to this question. 

"Umm.. her name is, Urm, Emily!" his eyes widened when he said Emily.

"Ok, whatever you say.." i said as i went up to my room.

"Hey its getting pretty late i think i might go" Em said as she left.




sorry if this chapter is pretty boring! i promise it gets better!! i will try to update as much as i can even though school is back!! (: 



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