Lily, a 17 year old, isnt really the most popular kid around. She only has one friend who is by her side all the time. She has had a huge crush on the most popular kid in her school, Louis Tomlinson, for a while now but she just cant give this crush up. She knows nothing will happen between them, or so she thought


1. lily


Hi! Just so you know, my name is Lily Gram. I can admit, I'm not the most awesome girl in school. I actually only have one friend who is like a sister, Emma Paige. Me and Emma are the girls who sit in the back of the class as quiet as possible. We know everything about each other actually. She knows all of my crushes, worries, and personal issues. She knows me inside and out and same with me, I know everything about her to. We spend so much time together, I sometimes think of her as more of a sibling. Emma is known for getting her way though, so if she knows something is up with me, she forces it out of me. This is how she knows all of my crushes, thoughts, and actions. I just love her to death though. We both get picked on, we both have good grades, and we both have stupid crushes on who we wish we could date but we know it will never happen. I guess I could say we are practically the same person.

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