The legend of Lucifa

A strong girl, who lives in a world, where she has learned to kill, from the day she where found. But who is right? Black or white?


2. Chapter Two


She is almost kicked in the door of a grinning Mrs. Murphy, tumble alarmed to the ground. When she looks up through her black hair, she sees the inspector sitting in his high chair behind his desk. No one knows how old he is, because he always looks so distant, and has hardly changed over the years. His hair is black with a few gray splashes, and his eyes are as green as anyone else's. All those who are true Black has green eyes and black hair, like all those who are true Light has blue eyes and blond hair. Therefore, Lucifa always felt left out. She has naturally black hair, and also one green eye. But her left is blue. Blue as a deep, clear lake in the mountains. It has always been the reason why she was teased. And because she was teased she struck again. And that was why she often ended up on the inspectors office. Just like now.

To start with, he does not look at her, but looks at Mrs. Murphy with a look which can't be mistaken. When Mrs. Murphy has closed the door, he finally looks at her. She lifts her chin defiantly and stares him hard in the eyes. "Why did you call me" she asks with spite in her voice. "Just to talk" he says with a calm and unemotional voice that just makes her more angry. "What would you talk to me about" she asked angrily as she gets up and puts her arms crossed. "Important things that can affect the rest of your life." A snort is the only answer he gets. "We need to talk about your future, your teachers tell me that you refuse to talk about the future, is it true?" He raises one eyebrow questioningly. "It is none of your business whether I will talk about my future or not. It's my own case what I want! "she yells at  him.

"Not quite, unfortunately I have to say, for there are many who are interested in your selection. You are, in fact, one of the best we've ever seen to hunt "She looks just gaping at him. One of the best? Impossible. Has he forgotten all the legends? All those, who has really made a different? For example, Jantos Lightkiller, the one who has killed more light soldiers than any other, or Kunii Zelegends, one of the wisest men ever seen, who planned missions which never failed. How could she, Lucifa Primeton, be better than them? Yes, she did get better grades than the others for almost all subjects, but she was only student. She was nowhere near on the same level as the legends. The inspector must have been able to see the doubt in her face, because he began to laugh. "You do not believe me?" He finally reached. "your mistake, but it is true, it has both I and the dark council agreed" It took a little time before it penetrated what he had said. The dark council?! The Supreme Council of the Dark?! Had they talked about her?! She sat down heavily on the floor.

"Why .. Why has you talked about me? "" finally, I caught your attention huh? "He laughs softly" I'll tell you. We have always kept an eye on you because we know nothing about you. We do not know anything about your family, where you come from and why you have only one green eye. You have interested us. And then you also looked to be a very promising Hunter of the Dark. Therefore, we would be delighted if you would consider becoming one of our newest form of hunters. Your job will be to destroy whole villages populated by the Light and their soldiers. And perhaps defuse a few of their own Hunters also? Would you be interested? "For a while she looked just at him. Then she pulled herself together and came up with the answer that would forever mark who she would be. "Yes, I will, it sounds ... interesting ..."    

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