The legend of Lucifa

A strong girl, who lives in a world, where she has learned to kill, from the day she where found. But who is right? Black or white?


3. Chapter Three

And here she is today. A hunter. The Hunter. Both sides fear her. The Bright side because she kills more of them each year than any other. And the dark side because she does not care. She doesn't chear for a side, she just does what she is told to. They are afraid that she one day is going to go over to the Bright side. She is well aware of this, but all the killing has made her cold. At first she cried every night when she layed in her bed. But not anymore. She has finally become what they wanted. An empty shell, a terrible weapon that does everything you tell it to. Once she had a few faithful friends, who, at first, tried to understand her and comfort her when it was hardest. But no more. The dark side came up with the idea that if she didn't have anyone close, she would take more chances and be bolder. Become a more effective weapon. So they executed them. Or, as they told her, they sent them on vacation. But she has good ears. Very good ears. I hear everything, she thinks with a twinkle in her eyes. Everything ...
"Well, how did the mission go then?" The lead soldier here looks at her with something similair to fear in his eyes. She scowls mad at him until he turns around and leaves. Since she lost her friends, she has not bothered to have any contact with others. And men think, for some reason, that they are above her in rank, although she can they are afraid. There is always some little rat of a man who juust has to prove that he really has the balls to dare to speak to her, so that he later can sit at the bar and brag to his friends over a beer. She has no time for men. She turns the tent side aside, and looks into her packed tent. It's becoming so worn that it is falling apart, but she refuses to buy a new one. Not because she does not have enough money, not at all, but because the tent is one of the few of her things which have followed her from the start. Her thin mattress is unfolded and on the little table there is a knife. That and her black suit and all the weapons stored in it, is her only possessions. It won't not be long before an subordinate officer sticks his head in and says that there is a letter to her. She knows what it is for a letter. She is never free. There is always a new order and new people she must hunt. But she's used to it. That's how her life has been since she left school to become a hunter.
"Lucifa, damn it! Please do not be so childish! "She could hear Mira, her only friend, shout among the trees. They were both seven years at the time. Mira had just told Lucifa that she had to move away, and that's what had caused the situation, were she now was sitting up here in a tree, with the feeling that her whole world collapsed. 'Cause Mira was the only one at the school who did not tease her with her different look. A week later Mira were gone and Lucifa was all alone. Until she was 12, when two new students came to school, the twins Maya and Fred. They clicked together from the first day. They were together every day, played catch, and practiced fighting with each other. But when Lucifa, at age 17, became a Hunter, the council executed the to amazing twins. Her only friends. and from that day, has she been alone.



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