The legend of Lucifa

A strong girl, who lives in a world, where she has learned to kill, from the day she where found. But who is right? Black or white?


1. Chapter one


She could hear his heavy breathing down there in the narrow streets with their wet cobblestones. He is running as if the devil himself is on his heels. But it is also almost true. She has played with him in a little over an hour, as the cat plays with a mouse. Around the empty city, where there are fire out of several of the houses, and where people are lying in the streets with their throats cut, killed in an instant, with surprise in their eyes. He's getting tired, and by that she means boring. His white dress is stained with blood, and his fine face is streaked with tears. Tears as witnesses that he knows whats going to happen. She stands and looks, and jumps so down in front of him. He stops awoke, and is just about to run away when his shoulders collapses. "Do it now just stop playing with me, get it over with," he says with a powerless voice. She looks smiling at him, and in less than two seconds she stands with his heart in his hand. She smiles still cold as he collapses. "He was the last" she says to the black shadows that hide behind her. When they leave the village, it's deserted.

Just a day ago ran the kids happy around the streets and people thought they were safe when they were protected by the Light. They were not. No one is left, not even the soldiers of The Light has survived.  When she enters a village, in her black suit and with the thin twin swords in her hands, no one is safe. She is, after all, the assassin of them all. No one, neither from the Light or the Dark, has ever been able to surpass her. She is notorious and is used to frighten children to behave properly. She has many names. The Dark, Devil's Daughter and The Shadow are some of the most famous, but her real name is just as scary. It was certainly meant as a joke to begin with, but she has all too clearly made it clear how well it suits her. Her name is Lucifa. The female version of the devil himself, Lucifer.She grew up in an orphanage in the country Maksenia, the dark country. She does not know anything about her past before she woke up in the orphanage staircase as 2 years old. It was here her life started.

"Lucifa!" Cry echoing through the corridors. She holds her breath and hope that she will not be detected. But lucky she is never. She is sure that the guard, Mrs  Murphy has a little dwarf blood in her, they were said to have a great hearing. Mrs. Murphy stops immediately in front of the cabinet where Lucifa is hiding. "Found!" She says, and opens the door. Lucifa crawls acid out of the closet. "I don't want to scrub the floor again," she snarls with a bitter voice. It has been her punishment every time she has done something wrong. And it has become many times since she came to the orphanage Dark Violet fifteen years ago. And now, as a 17-year-old, she is getting pretty tired of it "You have, amazingly enough, not done anything wrong this time Lucifa, but the inspector would like to talk to you," says Mrs. Murphy with something for Lucifa, sounds like a gleeful voice. Lucifa can not help but follow, not enough with dwarf blood, there must certainly be some giant blood in her to. Mrs. Murphy is nearly three feet tall. High enough to lift Lucifa in her collar all the way to the principal's office.    

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