Which to Choose?

A girl named Bailley is abused at home ever since her mom died 8 years ago. She winds up finding her long lost brother and some of his friends that fall for her. Which one will she choose?


4. wow and woah


when niall saw a girl we ran up to her and they looked exactly alike. when she opened her eyes all you could see were these beutiful blue doe eyes. i knew then that i was instantly in love with her. out of nowhere she started crying into niall's chest. then when we all got to the car she couldnt open the car door because of a big cut. so us guys decided we should take her to the hospital, she passed out so i carried her inside and they took her away.



when niall saw his long lost sister i thought that she might actually be the one and only for me. butwhen i saw how Zayn carried her and looked at her i knew i would have some copition...




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