Which to Choose?

A girl named Bailley is abused at home ever since her mom died 8 years ago. She winds up finding her long lost brother and some of his friends that fall for her. Which one will she choose?


5. the hospital


When i woke up it took me miute to remember where i was but the it clicked. my brother found me and took me to the hospital. when the doctor came in she had all five of the boys. she said "sweety how did yo get these bruises and cut?" i told her the whole story about my dad and by the time i was done i was in tears and so were the boys. the doctor said "you do know we are gonna have to call the cops right?" i said "yes" and she left. the next day i got to go home and niall brought me to the boys flat. it was huge!! zayn and harry at the same time said "shocked?" then they glared at each other. i dont know what that was about. then niall took me to my room and talked to the guys.


"guys!" i called. they all came in one by one. once they sat down i told them how much Bailley means to me and that i dont want her to get her heart broken after all she's been through. they all said they understood and we went to bed.



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