Which to Choose?

A girl named Bailley is abused at home ever since her mom died 8 years ago. She winds up finding her long lost brother and some of his friends that fall for her. Which one will she choose?


7. plane ride


i woke up early and saw zayn and harry wrestling on the ground shout-whishpering "she's mine!" "guys" i said. they looked up she's non of yours if you keep acting like this. they agreed to stop fighting for my sister and leave her be for a while. when she woke up we made pancakes and got ready to leave for London. when we got to the airport we got out tickets and went through secruity and waited for our flight to be called. "L13 to london. L13 to london." the lady called. we all got on and the plane took off. of course zayn sat by Bailley.



i guess i slept the whole flight because when i woke up Zayn was looking at me and said "come now love, it's time to go."

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