Which to Choose?

A girl named Bailley is abused at home ever since her mom died 8 years ago. She winds up finding her long lost brother and some of his friends that fall for her. Which one will she choose?


6. nightmare


"ahhh!" i tried running but he was too fast and grabbed me then drug me by my jacket but i slipped out and ranagain this time i heard a "BOOM!!" and jolted awake. "Bailley?" niall asked with concern. " you ok love asked all the other boys while waving around wepons. Louis-kevin the pidgeon Liam- a lamp Zayn- a bat Harry- a rock and Niall- a gun. i said"yea im fine i just had a nightmare." the boys all went back to their rooms and niall went back to his couch "wait" i said. "yes?" he asked. "will you lay with me i'm scared?" he chuckled and fell asleep by me.

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