Which to Choose?

A girl named Bailley is abused at home ever since her mom died 8 years ago. She winds up finding her long lost brother and some of his friends that fall for her. Which one will she choose?


8. london


i awoke to Zayn telling me to wake up. i said "i dont want to" so he goes if u wontget up i'll make you get up. so he grabbed me and csrried me bridal-style through everything. when we got to the limo niall gave him a look and he scooted away. i elized that londan is a big place and didnt have a phone. "wait!!!" i yelled. "what?" they said. "i dont have a phone" "dont worry love we'll bye you one" liam said. "thanks guys you're the best".



Bailley is so cute when she is worried. she said she doesnt have a phone and is worried that something might happen so she needs a phone. luckly liam said we could go straight to the mall and get her one.

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