The Day I Met You<3

Kate and Jo were just regular girls from Michigan until they went to a 1D concert and met Harry styles and Niall horan. They fall inlove with strangers at eye site. And we'll you have to read it to see what the rest is about...


1. The Day we Met<3

Kate's POV

"Jo were gonna be late!" I yelled from downstairs. Jo was my cousin but she was more like an best friend. " Alright! I'm ready!" She yelled from up stairs. She ran. Down stairs wearing a tight dark blue dress that brought out her bright blue green eyes. " Do you think Niall will like it?" She said with a wink.
"He's gonna love it. Hopefully him and Harry notice us at the concert! I meant look at us! We do look pretty smoking tonight." I said with a wink. We were going to the concert we have been dreaming to go to. We won our tickets on the radio. Front row.

Jo's POV

Kate is so excited for the concert. So am I. I grabbed my keys, leather jacket and purse. "You coming loser?" I said ythe Kate. "Yes. And look who's talking brat" Kate said with a wink. "I ain't the brat. " I said as we walked out the door. We got into my old, white pickup truck. "So you think harry and Niall
will notice us?" I said to Kate. "Um, maybe. I really don't know. It's just I hope so but there is so many fans in that crowd, that I think we'd be the last ones they would even notice." Kate said with a frown on her face. "Oh come on Kate! You know we're probably gonna be the most beautifulest girls in that crowd! Think positive! Plus you look pretty smoking in that dress so it won't be hard to have a 18 year old guy look at you" I said with a wink. " Haha. Well that's true.. And it won't be hard for Niall to look at ya with that sparkling green dress on" Kate said to me with a wink " He sure as hell better look at me!" I said with a giggle. Kate giggled " tonight is gonna be the best night of our lives" Kate said with a smile. But It was true. We had been waiting for this day for 2 years! Our lives, one direction! We were gonna see right before our eyes. I just hope they notice us too....

Kate's POV
We got to the concert and Jo couldn't stop smiling. "I'm so excited Kate! I can't believe this is really happening! Just remember we can't scream or fan girl, we dance around and sing along to the songs so we don't seem too crazy!" Jo said seriously. She was very concentrated on getting the boys attention but I didn't listen to her, I just wanted to have fun tonight. "Alright Jo...." I said annoyed. "Alright let's go in!" Jo said. I walked into the stadium it was filled with screaming fans and moms. I took Jo's hand and pushed try the crowd to our seats. We sat down and I looked at Jo. "Do you have as bad butterfly's as I do?!??? I'm so nervous and anxious!" I said to Jo nervously. " yea! I'm seeing FRICKING NIALL JAMES HORAN! Of course I'm nervous!" Jo said screaming over the crowd.
The crowd started screaming their names and I turned around to see them walk on stage. I smiled and stood up with Kate. We turned and looked up at each other. "This is going to be the best night of our life's!" I said smiling. I couldn't stop smiling and looking at Niall. He looked even more handsome in person. His sparkling blue eyes and wide smile. Then I noticed, was he looking at me? The crowd started to stop screaming as Harry spoke " You guys excited?" The crowd screamed. Louis spoke " We can't hear you! Louder!" The crowd screamed louder. Niall spoke " Alright then lads! This first song I know all of you know. So sing along" He was still looking at me. "Is Niall looking at you?" Kate asked me. " idk I think so!" I said to her. We both went silent when they started to sing. I sang along and then I say a figure in front of me. It was Niall. My heart beated 3xs faster. He held his hand out to me and mouthed"come up here" I was speechless when Harry came over and did the same to Kate. We both got up on stage and Niall and Harry sung to us. Niall got really close to me and whispered in my ear " Your so beautiful, love. Wait there after the show with your friend" he smiled and kissed me. I smiled and then realized He was holding my hand.
Kate's POV
I can't believe this was really happening! Harry styles was singing to me! On stage! He started getting very close to me and when his solo was over he kissed me on the lips And smiled. I smiled back but I was screaming inside. He touched my butt with his free hand. And I have them the not yet look and he took it off and blushed. I just giggled. The song was over and Niall and Harry were holding me and Jo's hands. Harry spoke" Alright! After the show, you too lady's get to hang back stage with us!" And then Louis spoke "Alright you girls sit on the couch so we can do our next song" I went to sit down then Harry grabbed my wrist " maybe we can have our own little fun tonight" he whispered with a wink. I blushed and sat on the couch with Jo.
Nialls POV
She is so beautiful. She had sparkling light blue eyes and long wavy dirty blonde hair that went below her collar bone. She was very shy and cheeky. She's adorable. When her soft pink lips touched mine, I felt sparks fly. She was perfect. I was falling inlove. I couldn't wait till the concert ended!

Harry's POV
She's amazing. She's beautiful. Her eyes sparkle and her tight dress looked amazing on her. She was quite shy and had a adorable American accent. When i kissed Her soft luscious pink lips, sparks flew everywhere. I felt as if we were the only two people in the world. I knew she was the one from that moment.

Jo's POV

Me and Kate texted back and forth on the couch as the boys sang.
Kate: Hey, so what did Niall say to you?;)

Me: He Told me I was beautiful and kissed me! What about Harry?;)

Kate: He kissed me, then touched my butt! Lol!haha

Me: he touched your butt????? Lol told you your looking smoking tonight!;)

Kate: yup! Lol!

We stopped when Harry and Niall grabbed our hands and sung little things to us. I was looking into Nialls eyes as he sung his solo. He was so perfect. After I watched Harry sing his to Kate. Kate was blushing red. She smiled and bit her bottom lip a little. She was funny to watch. Harry kissed her cheek after he was done with his solo. The song was finally over and Louis spoke " alright last thing of the night! We're gonna ask these lady's some questions!" Me and Kate were blushing. We were both surprised and then Liam spoke " we'll tear are twitter questions we got from fans during the show!" Zayn spoke " first ones from 1Dluver123: What's your relationship status? Hopefully taken!" Me and Kate laughed at the question. "We'll what is it lady's?" Harry said with a wink. We both yelled " Single!". Niall whispered in my ear " that's good news for me" he smiled. And then said " alright next question is from mrshoranbby:
What is your favorite clothing store?" Kate went first. "Pink defiantly!" Harry whispered in her ear " hmm I like the sound of that. Can't wait to see some of your pink panties;)"
She slapped his arm playfully.
" what about you,love?" Harry said. "Umm... Hollister or American eagle I guess!" I said. "Alright next question! This is from jayjayx: what is your names?x" me and Kate laughed at the question. " we'll my name is kaitlyn but I'm called Kate." Kate said with a smile. Harry smiled at her. " Alright,love and I'm dying to know yours." Said Niall with a wink. I googled and said " I'm Shelbie Joann but call me Jo." I said with a smile. Niall whispered in. My ear" you have a beautiful name." He smiled. I blushed.
Zayn spoke" this one is from. Niallsmine12: what are your fave and least favorite colors?" Kate burst end out her answer " my fav is always gonna be pink!!! I love pink! And least is probably black!" I laughed at her. Them said mine." Um for my favorite it's probably between purple,blue or lime green. And least is probably pink. I'm not much of a girly girl" I said with a smile. They all laughed at me." Not much of a girly girl? Look what your wearing gurlllll!" Louis said. Kate spoke " haha! I made her wear that!" " we'll that's it for the night bye all of you!!!!" They all said. We all walked off stage with nialls hand in mine and harrys in Kate's. hope the rest of tonight goes as well as the concert did:)

Authors notes:
Well this is my first chapter! I have more too but I still need to upload it!! If want to read the rest them go to my watt pad account and read it! Will be updating soon! Plus if you would like a fanfic about you and your fav out of 1D then comment you, your hair and eye color, favorite color, the guy, The place you'd like to meet and ill do a novella just for all these!!! Doing all! I promise love you!
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