The land of great thirst

Aren't african safari's supposed to be fun? This one isn't! Join Holly Parker on the adventure of a lifetime. Holly and her father wonder the wilderness of Africa, hoping to find beloved water. Will this experience bring Holly and her father (Bill) closer together, or will it do the opposite? Meet snakes, unbelivable tribes and astonishing animals. Will they survive?


1. The dreaded hoilday....

" I don't want to go on hoilday with that drunken idiot!" I screemed.

" Holly,  your father is making an effort to build up your relationship. You should do the same dear" My mother whispered softly. My mother was a calm person ( normally) but somtimes she had outbursts of anger.  I could feel the annoyance in her body building up. Her face was slowly turning red like a cameleon.

" What relationship? " I yelped.

" Holly, don't shout at me! If you don't sort out your relationship now, you might not have a chance! My mother said, she had a sharp tone in her voice.

" Good." I screemed louder than before, my mother stepped back in surprize.

"Get in your room." The clock ticked in time with the rythem of the wind. Tick, Tick. Every second the tention in the atmosphere incresed.

"NOW!" My mother screemed, like a new born baby. By this time her face was as red as a ripe apple. I giggled under  my breath whilst I strolled ustairs. Why should I give my dad a second chance?

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