Running to you

**One Direction** Lyla doesn't know anything about One Direction. That is until she saves them from a running mob... The boys are being chased by rabid fans when Lyla comes into view. Shes quick to aid them in their need of being rescued. From there, does a relationship blossom? Will Harry show her how to trust again, or will he show her what heartbreak is?


1. Somthing about her...

  We’ve been running for at least 5 miles now. These fans were crazy, but dedicated. I guess when you really want something you don’t really notice that your coming down with heat stoke (note the sarcasm). I on the other hand didn’t think I would last any longer, or the other lads for that matter. We were in a nice little neighbor hood on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California. All the houses were uniform, a neighbor hood I want to live in when i’m older and I settle down.  “mate, I don’t think they’re going to slow down anytime soon!” Liam shouted. Naw shit sherlock! Up ahead i saw a girl come out of her house with a confuse/pissed look on her face, it quickly changed to panic as she saw what was coming.  “QUICK! IN HERE!!!” She shouted to us as she made a circular motion towards the door. I didn’t hesitate to run to her and into the house. At first the boys didn’t know what I was doing but they soon followed me.  They fell into a heap on the floor but I stood with my hands on my knees trying to regain my breathing. “Hello? 911? Yes, well umm, there are about a hundred or so teenage girls on my front lawn. Yes, that's correct. Okay the address is 1568 Humming bird LN.  (A.N.-- Not a real address, I just made it up) Okay thank you” She stood there pinching the bridge of her nose. She was fit and petite with long chocolate waves to the small of her back, dark navy-blue eyes, long eyelashes, not too skinny but not plump, and she was wearing tight spandex-like leggings with a loose tank-top.  “what are you staring at” she asked while looking at me with a you’re-a-creep look.  “A beautiful girl” I replied with a cheeky smile. She honestly was stunning.  “You’re really trying to flirt with right now? I just saved your but and i don’t even know who you are. You’re obviously not from here because you have an accent.” ---- “wait you don’t know who we are?’’ Zayn asked with a bewildered look on his face. Leave it up to him to ask that question, he is the ‘vain’ one of the group.  “Am i supposed to know? Are you some sort of club or cult or something?”  She honestly had no idea who we were. “I’m Liam, That's Zayn, Niall, Harry, and Louis”  “And we’re One Direction!”  We said in unison.  “Still have no idea who you guys are.... Oh! I think you’re the band my best friend is obsessed with, but i’ve never heard one of your songs. I tend to tune her out when she talks about you, which is all the time. Im rambling aren’t I.....?” She asked with her head semi turned and a slight blush showing on her cheeks. I chuckled “ It’s all right, we just don’t really meet people who don’t know us. Now that you know are names, what’s yours?” I asked.  “ohh i’m sorry, my name is Lyla Rea Gonzalez. I’m 17 and i don’t generally know about somebody or something famous unless my best friend tells me. Do you want some water or food? It looks, and smells, like you’ve been running for a long time.” She asked while scrunching up her nose. She started walking off to somewhere when Niall said “well she’s nice, she offered food!” I rolled my eyes as he patted his stomach. She popped her head out of the door frame “Don’t you want food? I thought you were following me. Come on kitchens this way, i’m not going to get it for you just because you’re a pop-star” she stated with a semi-sirk on her face. “on second thought, maybe not” Niall said while frowning.  “HAHAHA mate! At least she offered it!” Typical Niall. We walked to the kitchen and she handed us glasses. “Help your selves to anything, just don’t burn down the house. The snacks and stuff is over there and water and soda is in the fridge.” She said while walking out of the kitchen.  “Where are you going?” Louis yelled questionably. “I was in the middle of rehearsing when there were high-pitched screams coming from outside. I’m not going to stop for you. If you get bored the living room is over there and there’s a Wii and play station in there, I should be finished in an hour, don’t follow me.” With that she was out of the doorway and down the hall. In a few minutes we heard music coming from the direction she had headed off to.  “Well she’s different” Liam said while filling his glass with water from the fridge. “But it’s a good different” I said while doing the same with a thoughtful smile on my face.  “Oh no Haz, you can’t possibly fancy her already! We just met the girl for pete’s sake!” Zayn said while face palming himself. I shrugged and chugged my water. The music was still playing and i decide to go find out what Lyla was doing. “Haz she said not to follow her” Liam warned. I rolled my eyes at his obedience. “I’m not following her i’m following the music.” I headed down the hall with the others on at my feet. The music seemed to be coming from a door that led down to the basement, the door was open so you could see down. I stood there in awe at the sight below me. Lyla leapt across the floor gracefully to Ed Sheerans’ ‘This’. She twirled on her toes with her leg up and parallel to the floor, when she leapt her legs were a strait line, her arms moved around complimenting what ever she did. Her eyes were closed concentrating on her movements rather than seeing her surroundings. It was just so natural and beautiful it was hard tearing you eyes from it. But i did to look at the boys reactions. Louis, Liam, and Niall had their mouth open
 and their eyes were following her, zayn had his mouth closed and was smiling slightly. By now the music had stopped but the boys were still in their trance. Lyla was laying on the ground, eyes closed, and breathing hard. I cleared my throat and her eyes shot open.  “What are you doing here?!?” She yelled standing up. The boys had run off back to the kitchen as soon as i cleared my throat. Babies.  “Umm i just wanted to see what you were doing?” I said but it came out sounding like a question.  “Uhu... Well it’s not very nice to snoop” she said while walking over towards the mirror getting her water bottle. The room was like her own personal dance studio, wood floors, mirrors everywhere, bars and stuff.  “You’re really talented you know” she blushed at my statement.  “People tell me that all the time but i don’t know what’s so special about it. All i do is dance, it’s not talent” She said sheepishly. She had started to climb up the stairs when she asked “How long were you watching?” Oh shit i got caught! “ Umm..... The whole time” Her cheeks turned a deep shade of crimson. “Ohh”  As she walked past me her shoulder brushed my arm and it sent shivers through my body. Whoa. What was that? It wasn’t cold in here was it? No, it was just her touch. How could it do that to me? She wasn’t that special, she was just a girl. Who saved me from other screaming teenage girls. She was just one another girl, I couldn’t possibly fancy her. Could I?


  Ohh shit. They saw me dance. Nobody, and i mean NOBODY, ever saw me dance. Not even mom or josh saw me dance and they were family! AND what was that tingle-ey feeling when my shoulder brushed his? More like his elbow cause i’m so short (Bout’ 4’11-5’1)!!! I’ve never felt anything like that and it’s not like it’s cold in here. It felt...... good. But i can’t like him, i’ve sworn of boys till’ i’ve been accepted into performing arts school. The auditions were Friday (it being Tuesday) and i’m scared shitless to dance in front of the directors. Now i don’t know that i could if i couldn’t breath after finding out that Harry saw me. What am i going to do???  “Mmm hmm” Someone cleared their throat. I quickly snapped out of my trance “ oh sorry, i was just, thinking....”. I felt heat rise to my cheeks.  “ It seemed like it, i’m sorry i interrupted you”.  Harry turned to leave and stated to walk off.  “NO! You didn’t interrupt anything. Hey where are the rest of them?” I mentally face palmed myself for rambling again. I probably shouldn’t talk anymore for the sake of my well being.  “I think it’s cute when you ramble and ask questions”. Crap! Did I say that out loud? He chuckled slightly “yes, yes you did” He smirked. “I’m sorry it’s just.... Never mind. Lets go find the boys” I walked out of the kitchen and to the sound of the shouting and grunting. The rest of the boys were playing mario kart. Louis was on my couch with his arms crossed and pouting. Liam was doing some sort of dance and the other boys were rolling their eyes.  “Someone’s having a good time” I grinned and took a seat in the love seat. Harry came and sat down next to me and whispered in my ear, “Liam always wins, louis’s just a sore loser.” His lips brushed against my ear and i shivered. Again? Really? This boys touch can get more shivers out of me then snow! I blushed and said to the boys, “So tell me about your selfs”
About two hours later, i had found out alot about them. Liam was afraid of spoons, Harry afraid of roller coasters, Zayn can’t swim, Louis likes carrots, Niall is in a deep relationship with food. Also that they were formed on X-factor UK. “So Ly, what about you?” Ly was their new nickname for me, even though we had just met. “umm.... well I live with my mom and twin brother josh, they’re actually away on a trip with his football team. They won’t be back till’ next thursday. I’m 17 and am currently going to North-Pacific high but i’m auditioning for Los Angeles performing arts school. I am absolutely addicted to reading and never go on the internet. I have no use for it if i get everything i need from books. I like rainy,cloudy days rather then sunny, my favorite season is winter, and I love dancing. Dancing is like breathing to me, but i don’t think i’m any good.” I said and tuned my head down, hair covering the blush prominent on my cheeks. Their jaws dropped at my last statement. “ what do you mean by ‘i’m not any good’!! You’re amazing, no you’re breath taking!” Harry exclaimed while the other boys nodded in unison. “stop lying” I’m starting to get a little frustrated, I mean i was flattered that they thought that. But i was absolutely not good, i don’t know why the LAPA (Los Angeles performing arts) wanted me to audition! “ Lyla, you are so naturally talented there are no words to describe it. It’s like watching a natural disaster, you can’t tear your eyes away from it and i meant that in a good way. I have no idea why you think your not any good because you are. I wouldn’t lie to you now would I? If you think you’re no good then why are you auditioning for a performing arts school?” Harry finished looking in the distance, deep in thought. He seriously thought that! About me? “Well the only reason i’m trying out is because the school asked me to. One day i was walking in the park dancing to my Ipod and one of the directors saw me and asked me to try out. It wasn’t really my choice because he sat there while i filled out the application, so I have to go now. Up until then, no one had seen me dance. Not even my mom or brother saw me, i refused to let them. If you’re wondering why there’s a studio down stairs, that’s because the owner before us ran dance classes. I kinda just got lucky with that”  They looked thoughtful but Harry’s gaze pierced through my head. He wasn’t really staring at me but he was staring at me. You get what i’m staying? I blushed and looked at my feet, I started clicking them like Dorothy did in the ‘Wizard of Oz’.  “So why don’t you dance in front of anyone? Why keep all that bottled up? You could really go somewhere with it, you know make something with yourself.” Niall voice was filled with curiosity. “I don’t know. I guess it’s something that’s just mine, you know? No one knows that i dance, well until now.” They looked away sheepishly. “Wait, so not even your mom of brother know?” Zayn questioned me. “only one person knew, my grandfather. But he passed away last year.” Tears instantly came to my eyes. My grandfathers passing still got to me, he was my best friend. I told him everything and anything. From boys, to friend drama, my parents divorce, and my dancing. He was the only one that had seen me, well he was the one that got me into dancing really. I would be over at his house and we would be playing, then he would say ‘Lyla dance for me’ and i would. I would twirl, jump, and glide. So it just stuck with me. My grandfather was my everything and to have him taken away from me hurt, it hurt alot. He helped me though my parents divorce, telling me everything would get better if i kept on dancing. And it did. That’s why i closed my eyes, to get away from the hurt.  “Heelllllooooo??? Lyyyyllaa???” Fingers snapped me out of my thoughts. “Sorry i was just thinking”         “well we’re really sorry we brought it up, we don’t have to talk about it anymore” Liam said with shame in his eyes. “It’s not your fault he got taken away from my life, and yes i would like to go to another subject” They let out a breath i didn’t know they were holding. “Hey boys, umm you know it’s like midnight already right?” I said glancing at the clock. “oh well we don’t have a car to get back and we left are phones at the table in the restaurant we got spotted in”
“Well i guess you could stay here. Two of you could sleep in my brothers room, two on the pull-out couch upstairs. and one on the floor i guess” I said with somewhat hesitation. Louis eyes’ lit up like a child's on Christmas morning “SLLLLEEEPPP OOVVEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!” He yelled.  “oh god....” i muttered silently to myself.
We talked a little bit more then they started yawning, “do you want some pajamas of my brother or something??” I asked standing up. “That would be great, Thank you” Liam was very responsible, he was kinda like a father to the boys. They would ask him for permission to do anything. Like earlier, i had made a cake yesterday and they saw it and started begging Liam for a piece. I walked into my brothers room at was hit with the smell of axe, his signature scent. His pajama bottom drawer was opened so i walked over there and grabbed 5 pairs. The boys were having a play fight in the den when i walked out. I threw the pants in their direction and they landed on their heads. I let out a small chuckle and told them where the bathroom was, then made way to my room. I grabbed some sofee’s and a t-shirt then made my way to my personal bathroom. After a long relaxing shower, i walked out to find the boys arguing about who got the bed and who was sleeping on the floor. In the end Harry lost and was sleeping on the floor, louis and Liam were in my brother’s room, and Niall and Zayn were on the pull-out couch. I said good night and walked back into my room, turned the lights off, and got in my bed. After awhile i heard some chatting from outside but it was to low and I was to tired to care. Last thing i remember was someone shouting “SHE MIGHT HEAR YOU! BE QUIET!!!!!” then I fell into a dreamless sleep.


   “Louis, there’s just something about her that i can’t describe. She’s different, I know that sounds cliché but it’s true. I mean how many girls do you find who doesn’t care who she’s around to be herself, how many girls do you find with that amount of talent? She’s shy, she’s beautiful, she has an amazing heart, she cares for everything and everybody, she listens, AND she doesn’t know it. She’s my dream girl. I think i want to be with her forever....”  I said gazing into the darkness. “Haz, she’s not even yours yet. You can’t treat her like every other girl, like you said she’s different. You were trying to flirt with her all afternoon and she didn’t even seem fazed by it. She seems fragile, like there’s something from her past that hurt her immensely. Give her time, slowly and i mean SLOWLY work your way into her. Get her to trust you, be her shoulder to cry on, just be her friend.’’ Friend? That word was not what i wanted t hear coming out of Louis mouth. I thought he would tell me to go for it, but he was a good judge of character. You didn’t notice it, but every time he met someone he would pshyco-analyze them and get a good read of their story. I don’t know how he did it but i trusted him. Being just a friend would be hard, but if that’s what she needed i would do it. I’d be willing to wait. I heard soft snores coming from the darkness and sighed knowing i was the only one awake. I didn’t feel like sleeping so i just lied there. Literally, just laid there and stared at  the ceiling. After some tossing and sheep counting i couldn’t take it anymore. Usually, i has something to cuddle with to help me fall asleep. But seeing as i wasn’t at the hotel or at home, i had nothing.  I got up not knowing where my feet  were leading my body, then they stopped. I looked up and saw a plaque that said   ‘Lyla’   in frilly letters. I opened the door and walked over to the sleeping figure and smiled. She was stunning in her sleep to. She had her lips slightly parted, her hands were wrapped around her stomach kinda hugging herself, her face was now contorted in anger. I frowned. She was just so peaceful a minute ago, what happened? “no, don’t leave us. Please!” she begged. “I thought you were my father” I froze. Her father? She didn’t mention a father to us earlier, this must be why. Her hands were tightening their grip on her stomach, she was tossing violently, and she was sobbing. I jumped into action, “Lyla! wake up, it’s okay, i’m here now. Every things gonna be okay, shhh, shhh,shhh” I grabbed her and she curled into a ball on my lap. She sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed endless tears. I rubbed soothing circles on her back and she eventually stopped. Her breathing calmed, “do you want to talk about it?” I asked hoping she would confide in me. She shook her head no, my heart sank. “later” was all she said before falling back to sleep. I sighed and stood up with her in my arms. I placed her in her bed and was walking towards the door. “Please stay...” She whispered sitting up. I don’t know if she could see it, but i was grinning like the cheshire cat. I walked over to the opposite side of the bed and climbed in. She snuggled up to me and i wrapped my arms around her, “thank you for being there” she said, “no problem” i told her and slipped into sleep with a smile on my face. This is want i want, this is how it’s supposed to be....

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