Running to you

**One Direction** Lyla doesn't know anything about One Direction. That is until she saves them from a running mob... The boys are being chased by rabid fans when Lyla comes into view. Shes quick to aid them in their need of being rescued. From there, does a relationship blossom? Will Harry show her how to trust again, or will he show her what heartbreak is?


2. And they say, she's in the class A team...

  I woke up to the sound of something crashing. I shot up only to be pulled back down again. What the hell??? I looked up and saw Harry fast asleep with his lips slightly parted and his arm was tightly wrapped around my stomach. OOHHH...... Ya, last night i had ‘the dream’ again and broke down. Harry was there to comfort me, how did he get here again? I shook my head at the fuzzy memories. I gently lifted his hand and got out of bed trying not to disturb him, i quickly replaced my body with a pillow. “LOUIS! Stop hitting Zayn!!!” Liam scolded. Oh ya that’s right there was a crash. I walked over to my closet and picked out my outfit for the day. A loose tank that had a giant cartoon mustache on it, light-wash jean shorts that had holes in them, white vans, and then i quickly combed through my hair with my fingers leaving it in it's natural waves. When i walked out the den/game room was a mess with sheets every where. Niall was still on the pull out couch asleep. I smiled forming a plan in my head. I went to my brothers room and got one of his sneakers and a bullhorn. Don’t ask why he has a bullhorn cause i honestly do not know. Niall was where i had left him, dead asleep. I walked over and flipped the switch of the bullhorn to ‘on’  “Niall, wake up!!!” Nothing? Really? Plan B time ;) I grabbed my brothers shoe and waved right under Nialls nose. He stirred and sniffed slightly. “Eww!! What the hell is that smell?!?!” He shot up looking around franticly. I started laughing uncontrollably, then fell on my but because i couldn’t stand any more. “What’s going on?” A groggy Harry asked rubbing his eyes. “Lyla thought it would be fun to wave a death trap under my nose” Niall said giving me death glares. Harry started to laugh “Good one Ly”. He motioned me to come to him. I stood up from my laughing fit on the ground and walked over to him, “Are you okay?” He asked with concern in his eyes. I shook my head yes and gave him a ‘don’t-tell-anyone’ look. He raised his eyebrows and walked down stairs. I don’t really show emotions in front of people, I don’t know what came over me last night. There’s just something about Harry that’s comforting, something telling me i could trust him with my secrets, something in his eyes that told me i would be safe with him. It’s crazy because i just met him less then a day ago, but iv’e felt like iv’e known him all my life. Even though we haven’t talked much, even though i don’t know mush about him, there was just something in the the looks he gave me that just made me feel special.  I don’t think he noticed that I noticed he stared at me, Oh well. I walked down stairs after i collected my thoughts and saw Liam, Niall, and Zayn watching spongebob. Yes, spongebob. Louis and Harry were of to the side with their heads together deep in conversation. “So boys, what do ya’ want for breakfast?” I asked walking to the kitchen. “FRENCH TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!” Louis and Niall yelled simultaneously. I chuckled at them and proceeded to gather the ingredients i needed for French toast. I grabbed the remaining half loaf AND a brand new loaf. Knowing how much my brother eats (which is like a horse) then multiplying it by 5, we would NEED 1 1/2 loaves of bread!!!! I got to work on breakfast and was enjoying myself when i got interrupted, “need some help” a familiar husky voice said. “sure” i scooted over to make room for Harry. “you can dip the bread in the egg mixture and i’ll flip” i told him. He nodded and got to work. After we finished about 3/4 of the bread, Harry broke the silence, “ Lyla, I know we’ve only known each other for a day. But you can tell me anything, i promise i’ll be there....” My breath caught. That’s the nicest thing a guy has said to me. I haven’t really had much luck in the guy department, most guys just wanted me because i was ‘hot’, and i usually attracted players. I was NOT hot, and i don’t want to be with a guy just because of visual interest. “Lyla?? You spaced out a again” Harry said while snapping his fingers in front of my face. “Ohh, sorry.... I do that alot...” He gave me a weird look before going to get the boys to tell them breakfast was ready. Within 10 seconds, four boys came running in with Harry walking in calmly behind them.  “Ohh my god heaven came down to earth..” Niall mumbled almost incoherently. I just chuckled and grabbed plates and cups out of the cubbord. They all got at least 5 slices, then me being me got the same amount. They stared at me like I was from another planet “what? I’m not some barbie doll that acts like she doesn’t eat in front of guys, I eat when i’m hungry, and i eat alot.” I said finishing my first slice. Harry smiled at me and returned to his breakfast. Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn were still staring at me and I was starting to get self conscious. “I never thought the day would come when we met a girl who ate as much as Niall..” Liam said in awe and the other boys just nodded agreeing with him. “ya, but I also thought I would never find a girl that would actually eat IN FRONT of me. Let alone as much as I do. Congratulations!! you’re the first!!!” Niall said while everybody clapped. I didn’t know weather to take that as a compliment or an insult so I just shrugged it off.  We continued eating and making small talk, getting seconds, them getting thirds, and Niall getting fourths and fifths. We stayed at the table until all the french toast was finished. “two of you guys get to do the dishes, I cooked” their was a chorus of ‘awes’ and ‘why us’s’ then Harry asked “Do I have too? I helped” I pondered over it for a little “No, Harry you don’t have to do the dishes” He let out a breath and walked out of the dinning room with his plate. I did the same as the three remaining boys argued over who had to do clean up duty. “Oi! since you can’t come to an agreement, you’re ALL doing the dishes!!! Louis you’re washing, Niall you’re rinsing, Liam you’re drying, Zayn you’re putting away!!!” I yelled in frustration. “Liam, we found you a mommy direction...” Louis said walking out. I glared holes in his back as Niall laughed gathering the rest of the dirty dishes of the table. I walked into my living room finding Harry on MY phone!!! How the hell did he find out my pass code?!?! He hung up MY phone and threw it on the couch letting out a frustrated growl. Then he started pacing back and forth while pulling on his curls. His curls were cute.... SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!! I can’t think about him like that, I don’t even know if we were considered to be friends yet.... ‘He broke your wall’ a voice said in the back of my head. That voice was VERY right, he broke the wall not even brother could get to. My brother and I’s relationship was close, we weren’t the typical fighting brother and sisters. We never fought come to think of it, ya we argued but we always said we were sorry as soon as a threatening word was said. Guess it’s just because we’re twins. “why are you thinking so hard” Harry asked where as he was now right in front of me. I looked past him and into the mirror, sure enough my face was contorted and i was biting my lip (a nervous habit of mine). “um, i was just wondering how you got into my phone it has a lock?” I asked hopefully avoiding him asking anymore questions. He raised his eyebrows and went to grab my phone off the couch. Inside I was praying that he would let me go and not ask about what i was thinking. He walked back to me, handed me my phone, and said “take off the case”. I was confused, Take off my case? My case was one of those flimsy rubber ones, but i got it for 99 cents so it didn’t exactly fit right. I easily slipped it off and a piece of paper fell out. I bent down to pick it up, it read ‘code=2684’. My cheeks were sure to be bright red. “oh” was all I managed to mumble before he started laughing at me. I stood there with my arms secured to my sides and my hands clenched in fists. “you look cute when you’re mad” Harry blurted out. I stood motionless with my arms and fists relaxed, purely shocked. Harry wore a shocked expression as well. I guess he didn’t mean to say that out loud? But if he didn’t mean to say it then he meant to think it... Okay that didn’t make sense but you get the picture. “what I meant was... that uhh... you’re beautiful?” He stuttered trying to find the right words. The back of my neck grew hot, my stomach was doing flips, my hands begin to slightly shake, and my brain was going haywire. I’ve never been THIS influenced by a guy before, heck i’ve never BEEN with a guy before.... Yes a 17 year old girl has never kissed, never dated, never flirted, never even TALKED to a guy before. But mainly because I don’t know how. Whenever guys try to get my attention, I barley pick up on it. I only pick up on it when they basically throw themselves at me. Personally I didn’t know how guys would feel that way towards me. I don’t know how to feel that way about a guy. So basically, i have the romantic mind of a seven year old.... “uhh, i’m just gonna take a shower” I needed to clear my head. A shower was the best way to do that. I walked upstairs and into my room, shutting the door behind me. Slowly, I sank down to the floor trying to make sense of this feeling inside my stomach and head. Every time he flashed my that smile, every time he brushed against me, the way my name rolled of his tongue, and last night.... What was this? Shaking my head, I walked into my bathroom and closed that door as well. I striped my cloths and warmed the water, after it was just right i hopped in. I grabbed my coconut shampoo and conditioner gently lathering it in my head. The familiar tune of Ed Sheeran’s ‘A team’ popped in my head so I started humming it quietly. Soon enough I was full on belting it out.  “They say she’s in the class A team, stuck in her daydream, been this way since 18 but lately, her face seems slowly sinking wasting, crumbling like pastry, and they scream the worst things in life come free to us, cause we’re just under the upper hand, going mad for a couple grams. we don’t wanna go outside, tonight, and in a pipe we fly to the mother land, or sell love to another man, it’s to cold outside for angles to fly, an angle will die, covered in white...” I finished the chorus and turned the water off. Then I dried myself off and put my clothes back on, I started to twist the water out of my hair with towel. After most of the moisture was out, I applied a thin layer of powder so I wasn’t as shiny in the face as usual. When I stepped out of my bathroom, I stopped. Five pairs of eyes were staring at me and five jaws were hanging open. “What’d I do?” I asked with heat going to my cheeks. “You sang” Liam said closing his mouth but his eyes still pierced me. I slapped my hands over my face to hide my embarrassment. I was completely mortified. Five professional singers had heard my tone-deaf voice. “why are you so embarrassed? You should be a professional” Harry told me while looking at the other boys for an agreement, which he got fast nods from all of them. Really? I’ve never really thought about singing as a profession. It was just a small hobby of mine. “Is this another hidden talent of yours” Zayn asked. “Well, no. I’ve never really thought about singing as even a hobby. I just do it in the shower...” I trailed off trying to look anywhere but there faces. “Well, would this be something you would be shy about? You know, not being able to do it in front of other people?” Liam asked while having an eye conversation with the rest of the boys. “umm probably not, considering the thought has never ventured  into my mind” I replied honestly. “well, let’s say you were offered a job. Where you had to sing in front of millions of people. Would you take it?” I thought about Harry’s question. Well that did sound appealing, performing I mean. I don’t know about millions of people yet... “weellll.... Performing does sound appealing” They let out a breath, weird... “But, I don’t know if i could do it in front of millions of people. I’d probably have to work up to it ya know?” They all looked thoughtful and then shared a glance.  “Well, do you wanna come back to the hotel with us? We could hang out after we explain what happened, you being are witness and all..?”Liam said while glancing at his watch.“Sure let’s go! What hotel?” I said while grabbing my car keys of my night stand and slipping my phone in my pocket, I don’t really carry purses. “The Hilton” We walked down stairs and out of the house. “This otta be interesting” I heard Louis mumble before i opened the car door....

Me on the phone with management:
ME:But why can’t I have a girlfriend?! MANAGMENT: Because we want you to stay single, It’s good for your image  ME: I don’t care about my image!!! Why can’t I have a girlfriend just this once?!? MANAGMENT: Harold, we said no and that is final.
The line went dead and I threw Lyla’s phone on the couch, furious. GAH!!!! Why can’t they let me have her just this once?!?!? We always had to ask management if we could go public with our girls, it was down right ridiculous!!! There were others I had wanted to ask out but they always said no. When I would tell the girls we couldn’t go out, I wouldn’t feel much. But with Lyla, I could see us going on dates and having a good time, I could see us being one of those couples that everybody hated because they were always lovey dovey. I wanted that with her. Management was not going to stop me this time! I stopped pacing when I saw Lyla in the doorway, she was thinking hard and hadn’t noticed i noticed he yet. I walked over to her and stood right in front of her, she still didn’t notice I was there. “Why are you thinking so hard?” I asked her. She moved her head to the side a little, but didn’t change her expression. It relaxed when she noticed her face was contorted. “umm I was just wondering how you got into my phone, It has a lock” She asked. I raised my eyebrows, she was avoiding my question. I went and grabbed her phone then handed it to her, “take off your case” I instructed. She looked confused but obeyed. A little piece of paper fluttered down to the ground, She bent to pick it up and read it. “ohh” She said while blushing to the shade of a tomato. I started laughing at her and she clenched her fists then glued her arms to her sides. “You look cut when you’re mad” I blurted out. Whoa, where did that come from? I meant to think it but NOO, the universe wanted me to say it out loud. She looked shocked and her hands loosened. “I meant that... uhh.... Your beautiful?” I mentally face palmed myself. Way to go Styles’, smooth.... Her hands started to tremble slightly. What did I do? Even if that was somehow embarrassing to her, it wasn’t scary. “Umm. I’m just gonna go take a shower.” She mumbled out before walking upstairs. I let out a loud sigh. Great, just great. She probably doesn’t like you Harry. But how come she shivered when I brushed against her? Surely she felt SOMETHING! I could still hear the rest of the lads finishing up, but then I heard something else. Singing? The lads walked into the living room shoving each other around and laughing. “SHH do you hear that?” I asked quieting them down. It was silent of a second before we were running upstairs to the angelic voice. It was coming from Lyla’s room. “should we go in there?” Liam asked skeptically. I answered his question be opening the door and walking to the second closed door. She was singing ‘The A Team’ but she put her own twist to it. For the second time in two days, I was speechless. The singing stopped, and the water turned off. After five minutes Lyla came out scrunching her hair free of moisture. She stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed us. “What’d I do?” She asked us going red again. “You sang” Liam said while still staring at her. She slapped her hands over her face trying to hide her embarrassment. “Why are you so embarrassed? You should be a professional. ”I told her. She took he hands of her face which had started returning to it’s normal shade. “Is this another hidden talent of yours?” Zayn asked. “Well, no. I’ve never really thought about singing as even a hobby. I just do it in the shower...” Huh. Well she would be perfect for our opening act. We needed a new one because the band we had set up fell through on us. We all shared a look, they were thinking the same thing I was. “Well, would this be something you would be shy about? You know, not being able to do it in front of other people?” Liam asked her while still looking at all of s. “Probably not, considering the thought never ventured into my mind.” She told us. We all sucked in a breath. NOO!!! We needed her!! “well, let’s say you were offered a job. Where you had to sing in front of millions of people. Would you take it?” I asked, impatiently waiting for her answer. “Well. Performing does sound appealing.” We let out a breath. “But, I don’t know if i could do it in front of millions of people. I’d probably have to work up to it ya know?” That’s not a no!  “Well, do you wanna come back to the hotel with us? We could hang out after we explain what happened, you being are witness and all.” Liam said while glancing at his watch. Thank you Liam! “Sure let’s go! What hotel?” She asked while grabbing some key off a little table. Liam told her the hotel and we walked downstairs. Louis came and walked by me. “Well this should be interesting He whispered to me. “Lets hope for the best” I told him while crossing my fingers. I suddenly got really excited. Lyla might be our new opening act!! She would go on tour with us and everything!! Only if it all works out.....


AUTHORS NOTE:: Guys thanks so much for reading this... It means a lot to me :)

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