Still The One

He was the one who bullied me,the one who teased me,the one who laughed at me,the one who I fell in love with.


1. Lunch

I was on the couch, watching him. The man who ruined my life, the one who teased me, the one who laughed at me, the one who I fell in love with. My two year old daughter, Quinn, was dancing around the room to their music. I pretended to like them, for Quinn. Her long, wavy, light brown hair as in a french braid, and she had a green long sleeve dress. I smiled, I love to see her happy.  

“Are you hungry?” I asked Quinn, who was still dancing.

“Yes mummy!” she said in her squeaky voice. I walked over to my small kitchen and started making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We lived in a very small house in a cute town, right outside of London. I work for the fashion designer, Lila De Mont, as her assistant. She understands how hard it is to find a babysitter for Quinn, so she lets me work from home. I finished making the sandwiches and put them on the small, round table. I poured some apple juice for Quinn in her princess cup and grabbed a can of pepsi for myself.

“Quinn! Lunch is ready!” I yelled. I heard her little feet run from the living room into the kitchen. She plopped down on her chair and took a big drink of her juice.

“Mummy! Guess who is my favorite from One Direction!” Quinn said excitedly. I sat there and rubbed my chin and pretended to think. I threw my hands in the air.

“I don’t know, who?” I asked her. She smiled and jumped up and down in her chair.

“It’s Zayn mummy!” she said with a huge smile on her face. I about choked on my pepsi. Why did she choose him? When she said his name it made me think of high school. Where I got bullied, teased, and  fell in love. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the T.V. say that One Direction was going to perform at the café just down the road.

“Mummy can we please go?” Quinn asked me. I looked into her brown eyes. I sighed.


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