Still The One

He was the one who bullied me,the one who teased me,the one who laughed at me,the one who I fell in love with.


5. Him Agian

 I went into my room to start getting ready. I turned on ‘Thrift Shop’ and started dancing around the room like an idiot. What? It’s my jam! I really didn’t want to go see the boys… brings back too many memories. I sighed and put on my plum purple ruffled tank top, with a grey cardigan and jeggings. Hey don’t judge! I curled my hair, making soft, bouncy curls, and put on my, natural, everyday makeup with a bright pink lip. I looked in the mirror and nodded in approval. I wanted to look grown up, like I could handle everything, but in the inside, I am an emotional mess. I barely got any sleep last night, and now that Zayn is back in my life, it’s a blessing and a curse. Zayn used to be my best friend in high school. We were friends since we were toddlers. I used to talk about everything with him. We got in a huge fight one day, and we drifted apart. I haven’t seen him since. I just, feel guilty. I don’t know why though. I snapped out of my thought and got Quinn’s backpack and packed her clothes, toothbrush, teddy bear, stuff like that. My best friend Bella said that she would watch her for the night. Bella’s daughter, Noelle, is Quinn’s best friend. After I got everything packed up, I went down stairs to get Quinn.

“Quinn! Its time to go!” I yelled.  She came running out from the living room. She had a huge smile plastered on her face. She put on her pink ballet flats and skipped out the door. I laughed and put on my tan boots, and shut and locked the door behind me. I hooked Quinn up in her seat and jumped into my silver car. I started the car and drove off. It was about a 10 minute ride. The whole time Quinn was chatting about all kinds of things. I wasn’t really paying attention, I just keep saying “Oh yea?” “Really?” “No way!” stuff like that. We pulled into Bella’s drive way, and Noelle came running out. Quinn jumped out of the car and hugged Noelle.

“Hey Noelle! How are you?” I asked the little girl next to Quinn. She smiled and started telling Quinn about all the stuff she got for her birthday. I giggled and followed the little girls inside.

“Hey Bells!” I said to a short, dirt brown haired girl.

“Hey Nina! Hows it going?” Bella asked.


“I am so glad that you are going out with some friends Nina, you really have to go out more. Your only young once.” Bella said with a wink. I chuckled.

“I would go out more, but I have a daughter.” I pointed out. She smiled.

“Now go off and have fun! Go get em tiger!” she said with a smile. I nodded and went outside. I jumped in my car, again, and drove off. I started thinking about my family, how much I missed them. I haven’t seen them since the day they kicked me out.


It was silent at the dinner table. No one said a word. My brothers were staring at me in disbelief. My hands were shaking, my parents faces were pale and blank. I bit my lower lip. They knew something was going on before I told them.

“Get out.” My dad said quietly.

“What?” I asked softly.

“I said,” he said louder and stood up. “GET OUT!”

“Dad.” I whipered. My brothers looked at my dad in shock. 

“Honey, we cant..”

“YES WE CAN! IT IS MY HOUSE AND I TOLD HER TO GET OUT!” My dad said cutting off my mom. “Go pack up your stuff and get out!” My dad yelled. I obeyed and got up. I went downstairs and grabbed 2 suitcases. I ran into my room and packed everything I needed. I tried to be strong. I held my head up and walked out of my room and went over to my crying mother, I hugged her and told her that I loved her. I went over to my brothers and told them to help mom. I went over to my dad, and flipped him off then left.

                                         Flashback over

I sighed and kept my eyes on the road. I pulled into this huge hotel and looked that the room number that Zayn texted me. I went up to the 9th floor and found the room ‘923’. I knocked on the door three times, and a few seconds later Zayn opened up the door.

“Hi Zayn!” I said to him. He smiled.

“Hi Nina! Come on in.” He said then held the door open. I walked in and three boys were spread across a couch.

“Boys, this Nina. She is my really good friend.” Zayn said with a smile. I waved.

“Hey!” They all said at the same time.

“I’m going to go find Harry, I’ll be right back.” Zayn said and I nodded. I watched the football game that the boys were watching for a minute, when I suddenly heard a husky voice and I tensed up.

“Nina?” The voice asked. I turned around and standing there was him. The curly brown hair, emerald eyes. It all came back to me. I gritted my teeth.





Woah! What is this? Is this actually and, UPDATE? Hahaha, sorry that I havent updated in a while. I hope that you enjoyed this chapter!

Claire xx

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