A lot of other people were doing this, so I decided to go along with it :)
I hope you enjoy the ones I write, if not, I apologize


2. Mackenize and Justin <3

Dear Kenzie :), I know what you really want, so I did that instead. Hope you like it :)

Summer time. My favorite. I sit on my front porch with an ice cold pink lemonade. How could it get any better? Just as I think that, my crush, Justin, jogged by my house.
Omg! Did that seriously just happen?! "I wish he would come back around", I thought really hard to myself. And by some divine intervention, he came back around.
"Hey Justin!! You want some pink lemonade? It's hot outside, and running can wear you out", I said, hoping he would come over and I could at least see him up close.
"Yeah, that sounds good actually. Thanks", he replied, wiping the sweat off his face.
I went inside and got him a cold glass of lemonade. He hastily took the glass from my hand and gulped down the lemonade, like he may never see a liquid again. I laughed a little at the sight.
"What?", he questioned.
"Haha thirsty much? Jeez, I was afraid you might have tried to drink the cup too. Do you want some more, before you drink me too?" I told him with a laugh. He nodded his head, and I went to get him more. I came back out, and found him settled in my spot, fanning himself with the book I had on the porch table. I handed him his glass, and he drank it slower this time.
"So, why are you out running?" I inquired.
"Well, if you must know, I was conditioning for track", he replied. I sat down in the chair next to him, elbows on the arm holding up my head.
"What? Track? Why? It takes to much energy and time", I smiled.
"I like running, ? Got a problem with it?", he smiled back.
"Not at all, if it means you come by my house all the time", I offered.
"Then I shall come by your house to keep everyone happy", he said, clearly accepting the offer.
We sat on the porch for the longest of time, telling jokes and laughing together. Finally, I asked what I most desperately wanted to know.
"Hey Justin, who do you like?"
"Well, she has black hair, brown eyes, and is really sweet", he answered smiling at me. That was a description of me. I don't think I can ever remember smiling bigger than I just did.
"Who do you like?", he asked.
"Well, he has brown gorgeous hair, beautiful brown eyes, and likes to run apparently", I said as I looked into those beautiful brown eyes.
He leaned in to kiss me, just as the sun was coming down. The kiss sent tingles all the way through me.
"I think the person you like, likes you back", he said with a charming wink.
"I think yours likes you too", I smiled, as the warm sunset reflected off our faces
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