Your last first Kiss

Alex was an ordinary girl until a curly haired green orbed special someone walked into her life.....


1. These are what dreams are made of

Harry Styles Fanfic

It was a beautiful morning for Me, Alex considering im never usually that happy in the morning - but this morning was unlike no other...the night before i had been told that i had. 2 Ultimate VIP tickets to an upcoming concert...i was estatic! as i got ready for school, i put on the up all night track on shuffle...i thought about how awesome it was going to be to meet the boys..after all, i was. A full on directioner. ..i went to school and bragged about my awesome news, And also asked a close friend to tag along with me. She was also as happy as me! Tonight was the night...this is actually happening i thought,;;;

I arrived at the concert and waited until Paul looked for people with the VIP tickets to go inside...he called us to go inside.. Just meeting him was an honor! Me and my friend Kelsie waited and waited for as what seemed to be forever then, finally, we were next OMG i thought and as i stumbled to think about what to say to them...almost instantly Harry says"hello love" With his beautiful green eyes glaring at me..."helloooo" the rest say... We stayed there a while chatting; but mostly Me; until Paul said that we had to go... "aw, well nice chatting with you...I wish you could stay" The HARRY STYLES WAS WISHING I COULD STAY???? "Bye Kelsie" he hugs her..."Bye Alex"he wraps his arms around me tight, and gives me a kiss on the cheek...I blush and hug the rest of the boys hugs on the way out;;; """HARRY STYLES JUST KISSED YOU""" kelsie says ..."""calm down it was just on the cheek haha""" I say trying to refrain from screaming...who knew this night would turn out to be so wonderful???

I walked into the rehearsal not too long after and saw the boys again
Harry I listened to a few songs yelling and cheering until Louis finally noticed me..."Well well well, who do we have here" he says as he shoves his arm into Harry's side...u could see Harry was a little embarrassed...."hello again ��" he says trying to be smooth. When it was over and we were piling out of our rows Paul stops me..

"Oh hello there, whats your name?" Paul says..."um, Alex" I reply..."So (chuckling) the boys want your number...well Harry does...he just didn't want me embarrassing him by saying his name" says Paul..."oh okay" As if this night wasnt great enough, now I find out that Harry styles likes me! ��... I was completely shocked... "Someone's having a good nightt" Kelsie teases..."oh, you don't even know the half of it" I think to myself....

We continue to the concert, and proceed to our front row seats. The show begins, and we dance and scream, and get involved in the concert like everyone ACTUALLY forgetting about Harry... We listened to a variety of songs such as same mistakes, tell me a lie, one thing, gotta be you, and then What Makes You Beautiful... "Na NaNa Na NaNa Naa Na Na NaNa, Na Nana Na Na.:.Baby" I repeat over and over ...I could not believe what was happening to me....
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