An Unexpected Encounter - 1D

This is about three friends who go to Italy together and end up shooting a film with One Direction as their co-stars...But who will win over the boys' hearts?
I'm not actually that keen on One Direction but figured that it would be a good way to get people to read my Movellas - writing about what most people like :)


1. Plane Ride

Emily's P.O.V

This is the life! We are in first class seats at the rear of the plane, away from the hustle and bustle of economy. Champagne bubbles away, content in my palm as I cradle it, revelling in the luxury.

"Hey, who said you could open up the bubbly?!" Nikki shouts over her shoulder, winking at me as she reclines back in her seat. The snack trolley stops by my arm, and I grab a bag of peanuts for me and one for Nikki, which I chuck playfully at her. She catches.

"Ha, you didn't think I'd catch that, did you?" she shrieks as Jess emerges from the toilet.

"You've been ages in there - got toilet trouble?" Nikki asks as I punch her arm.

"Keep your voice down Nikki; people are starting to stare!" I whisper as Jess plops down in her seat betwen us.

"Stop bickering you two!" She moans. "We've only just started our holiday and it's already turning into a shouting match!

"Sorry" I mutter, and I relax back into my seat with a good book for comfort.


I wake up to the sound of giggling.

"What's up?" I sleepily grunt and flick Jess on her shoulder.

"Hey!" she shouts, "As a matter of fact, I didn't laugh - it was Nikki"

"Trust her....Ew!!!" I shriek as a string of gum falls out of my hair, "Really guys? How mature..."

"You know you love us really" Nikki says, as she flaps her magazine in my face. An article catches my eye.

"Hey, I didn't know One Direction are gonna be in Italy at the same time as us? How cool is that!"

"Yeah, AND they're staying in the same town as us!!! Erica, I think it's called..."

A loud snore interrupts us mid conversation, and I turn to see that Jess has collapsed into a deep slumber.

"Do you think we should get her a coffee for when she wakes up? You know she gets crabby if she doesn't have her caffeine fix." I ask, twisting my golden ringlets around my finger.

"Nah, she'd probarbly just get all giggly and high - NOT a great way to meet some hot guys!"

Hmm, wouldn't that be great? A steamy holiday romance could be on the cards for this trip...

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