An Unexpected Encounter - 1D

This is about three friends who go to Italy together and end up shooting a film with One Direction as their co-stars...But who will win over the boys' hearts?
I'm not actually that keen on One Direction but figured that it would be a good way to get people to read my Movellas - writing about what most people like :)


2. Checking in

Nikki's P.O.V

Stepping off the plane, a warm breeze surrounds me and a slight humidity makes me a bit uncomfortable. I'm not used to heat - Cornwall isn't ever anything apart from rainy! I don't think I packed enough bikinis...

"Nikki - get a move on!" I turn to see that I have held up at least 20 people behind me, many of them muttering in a forreign language or spraying on lavish quantities of suncream. I didn't realise I was walking so slow!

"Oh, sorry guys!" I shout down the queue. Some old fart shoves me and i turn sharply on my heels. "ExCUSE me?!" I shout, shoving him back.

"Nikki, Nikki stop it!! We don't wanna start a fight on our very first day here!!" Jess gasps and ushers me towards the baggage conveyor belt. I spot my bright purple bag and wrench it off the machine. Shortly after, Jess and Emily's orange bags arrive, and we wheel them towards the toilet. I am in desperate need of a makeover!

Pulling my Hollister spray and bright red lippy out of my bag, I totter over to the mirror. Gosh my eyes look puffy!

"Nikki, what are you doing?" Emily shouts through the toilet door. Hurried flushes and tiny Italian women rush out of the cubicles, alarmed at my shrieking.

"I'm putting on my face!" I reply. Emily sighs.

"You know, sometimes I wonder how I am friends with you! You can be so vain babe - putting on makeup is your first reaction after stepping off a 3 hour plane journey? Take in the view and smell the Italian leather - get a taste of their culture!" she rambles. I instantly lose intrest. Sometimes I wonder too.


Two hours and a stuffy car ride later, we arrive in Erica, Santa Monica. For the whole time Emily was blabbing on about the educational benefits of this trip. I mean, what educational benefits are there, to sunbathing, swimming and flirting? Nil. And that's why I love it.

"Are you even listening to me?" Emily snaps, pulling me out of my daydream.

"Yeah, sure, Roman times, beaches eroding, yep so interesting.." I mumble, repeating the only 4 words i caught.

"Ohmygosh it's so beautiful!!!" she shrieks, poking Jess awake. She's right. The glistening blue sea catches the sunlight as it dances around the island. The hotel is gorgeous - Italian architecture is so much better than English architecture! Smooth curves and contours are built in to the 18th century building. And to make it even better, a fit blonde haired boy is coming over to greet us. This could be fun...


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