An Unexpected Encounter - 1D

This is about three friends who go to Italy together and end up shooting a film with One Direction as their co-stars...But who will win over the boys' hearts?
I'm not actually that keen on One Direction but figured that it would be a good way to get people to read my Movellas - writing about what most people like :)


3. A Romantic Attraction

Jess's P.O.V

A gorgeous boy is strutting over towards us, with bright blue eyes and a smile to die for. I turn to see Nikki, and she has totally fallen for him.

"Hey there.." she says in a seductive tone, batting her eyelashes and reaching out to shake his hand.

"Bonjourno! Il mio nome e Gino. Benvenuto a Erica, amico mio!" he replies in language that I dont understand. Desperately, I glance over at Emily who is leafing through her phrase book at an alarming pace.

"He said: Hello, my name is Gino. Welcome to Erica my friends."

"Ciao!" I reply to Gino, and shake his hand. I nearly melt in his arms as he firmly shakes my hand. I never want hime to let go......

"Jess?" Nikki says, snapping her fingers in front of my face. Gino looks slightly confused as I realise I haven't let go from his hand. I snatch it away and go to grab our bags.

"Sorry about her" Nikki says, "but I'm not crazy! Neither is Emily - just her. Let me introduce us, we are all 17 and come from Cornwall, way down in England. We have come to Erica as a beach holiday seemed just perfect for us!"

"Geniale! Lascia che ti mostri in giro per l'hotel" Gino whispers, and I can feel myself melting again. Pull it together Jess!!

"Brilliant! Let me show you around the hotel." Nikki translates for us, as i wheel our cases into the foyer.

"Grazie" I say, thanking Gino for his courtesy. If he talks like this for the whole tour I will have no chance whatsoever!


Shortly after our grand tour, we are alone in our room.

"Right, I bagsy the double bed, so you guys are left with the camp bed and single. Haha, sucks for you!" Nikki shrieks. We couldn't afford three seperate rooms, so we arranged with the hotel manager for them to make up three seperate beds for us.

"I want the single!" I shriek and bounce over to it, launching my body onto the soft, crisp duvet.

Emily emerges from the bathroom and looks around in dismay.

"Hey, that's not fair!!" She shouts and pushes Nikki off the double bed. "I wasn't here!"

"It's not my fault you have a weak bladder!" Nikki grunts, picking herself up off the floor. I bagsied the bed first, so YOU can't have it."

"Hey, how about we make a deal - we can do a rota. Today we sleep how we are now, then I will sleep on the camp bed, Nikki on the single and Emily on the double. After that, I sleep in the double, Emily on the single and Nikki, you're on the campbed. How about that?" I suggest.

"Yeah, sure - I'm up for that!" Emily says, and bounces over to hug me.

"Ugh, fine" Nikki moans, "but only as long as I get to use the big sink."

"High maintenance bitch" Emily whispers into my hair.

"Hey - I heard that!!" Nikki shouts, rolling over in her bed.

"Come on guys - save the arguing for tomorrow, and let's get a good night's sleep." I say, pulling my pyjamas on.


I am woken at 3 in the morning by Nikki hitting my arm.

"Ouch!" I protest, "It's only three - what are you doing!"

Nikki crawls into my bed and rolls over to face me. Her hair falls down over the pillow - I've always envied her beachy waves.

"I came to talk to you - do you really like that Gino guy?"

"What's it to you?"

"Hey there's no need to be nasty - I was just wondering, in case you minded if I went after him."

I decide to play dumb - "You like him too?"

"Yeah. But I can forget about it if you really like him. I know you have been having a hard time since Rick dumped you."

Ouch. That memory didn't need to be dragged back up again.

"Hmh" I grunted. "I suppose he is really fit. But I don't mind if you want him badly. Be realistic though hun - I don't want to see you getting hurt."

"I'll be fine. Thanks J" she mumbles, squeezing me into a tight hug. "Love you."

"Love you too" I say, snuggling back into the warm space where I had been lying before. I really hope she doesn't do something stupid...

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