An Unexpected Encounter - 1D

This is about three friends who go to Italy together and end up shooting a film with One Direction as their co-stars...But who will win over the boys' hearts?
I'm not actually that keen on One Direction but figured that it would be a good way to get people to read my Movellas - writing about what most people like :)


4. A new flame

Emily's P.O.V

Italian food is just delicious - the amount I have eaten for breakfast could last me a lifetime! Platters piled high with fruit and yogurt are spread out on a banquet table, surrounded by pastries, waffles, ice cream (in the morning-?!) breakfast meats and fresh salads. An omelette chef beckons to me, tempting me to order one. To be honest, I don't like the look of that meat he is putting in them...

"Oh my gosh this apple slice is amazing! I could eat 100 of them!" Nikki mumbles, her face stuffed full of pastry. Flakes of apple fall out of her mouth as she speaks.

"Eww, don't speak with your mouth full!" I say, teasing her. Defiant, she stuffs even more in her mouth. I grin at her, and reach out to grab another slice of toast.

"So what's the plan for today - shall we have a wonder around the hotel grounds? Or maybe we could go out to explore more of Santa Monica? Just remember to bring lots of sun cream; burns are not attractive!" Jess says. She has a map of the town in her hand, and gestures towards the bus stop.

"I wanna stay here really" Nikki says, finally finishing a sentence without chewing. 

"How-come?" I ask her, puzzled.

"I just don't feel much like walking. More like tanning."

"Ok, we can go and sit on the beach. I want to finish my book -it's getting really good!" I reply.

"Just let me get another apple slice first, then we can go." Nikki says, walking towards the buffet table.

Honestly. How does that girl stay so skinny with the amount of food she eats?


The midday sun is dazzling. So beautiful and serene, yet scorching at the same time! We have been wondering around the hotel all morning and now my feet are getting tired. My flipflops are a bit too small and have been rubbing my toes.

"Right, so the ancient monument should be right around the corner here..." Jess says, leading the way.

"I'm so bored" Nikki says, "I thought we were gonna go to the beach today?"

"We are! I just want to see this monument first" Jess snaps, flicking Nikki on the shoulder.

I can hear voices? Maybe someone else is around the corner? is singing. Oh oh oh, you dont know your beautiful floats around the corner, greeting my ears. OH. MY. GOD. Could it be?...

A gorgeous brown eyed boy with floppy hair is posing next to the statue, with a blonde haired boy taking a picture. Three more boys walk around from behind the monument, also singing. It is them!!!!!!

"OH god!!" we all chorus, grabbing hold of each other.

"It's One Direction!!!!" Nikki shrieks, running straight towards them. They are a bit startled to see her, but Niall holds out his hand. 

"Hello there! What's your name?" he asks Nikki. She is too choked up to answer.

"She's Nikki, I'm Emily, and this is Jess" I answer for her, holding out my hand for Harry to shake. "We're just so surprised to see you here!! I saw you were in Italy in a magazine, but didn't know you would be at this hotel! This is SO great!" I ramble on, too shocked to stop.

This is a dream come true. I wonder if we could be friends?...


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