How to Save A Life..

The Fault In Our Stars Competition Entry!

When Zach and Tara met, it was magic.
They've been dating for 4 years now, and they're both 17.
But Tara has cancer. And she's been told she probably won't live for much longer. They live hours away, and Zach is in care, but he leaves his carehome to live homeless on the streets in Dover, 4 hours away from his hometown, just to be with Tara for her last year. A touching story of love, loss, and death.

Based on the song "How To Save A Life" by The Fray.

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5. Seth

Leaving all that behind, I swing myself over cold metal railings and into the hospital car park. It's practically full. Pushing dark curls from my sweating forhead, I take a deep breath and make for the front entrance. Suddenly I hear a scream errupt from behind me, and in an instance I swing round. I can't see anything or anyone. I press my lips together and dig my fingers into my sweaty palms. Then on the steps leading upwards, I see him. A body shaking ferociously to it's own accord, tumbling down the concrete stairs. I rush over, realising he's in the middle of a seizure. All too soon, he stops, his head facing down the way. Slowly and hesitantly, I crouch beside him, and cautiously turn his head round to let air into his nose. In shock, I realise he is barely older than I am. I press the back of my hand to his forehead and shiver. His pale skin sends freezing shockwaves through my veins. Suddenly life flickers back into his body, and he wipes away blood trickling from his nostrils. I quickly pull my hand away. "Hey man.." A grin spreads across his face. "This would be way cooler if you were a girl..." His eyes are dwindling a way and I can tell he's drifting to sleep. I look around me to find any help, but a part from cars, the carpark is deserted. "Oh god, please don't fall asleep. Look stay awake for a minute. I'll help you into the hospital, yeah?" I say, gentley hitting his cheeks to keep him awake. He nods slowly, and I heave him up. "Lean on my shoulder." He does so, and I pull him up the stairs. When we reach the glass hospital swing doors, it's me that collapses.

"Thanks, mate," he smiles, black hair dangling over electric blue eyes. "I was actually heading here before I had a little...moment back there."

I nod and smile. "No problem."

He offers me a hand and I take it, finding my feet. "I'm here for my girlfriend actually," I say, without realising. He smiles a bit.

"Can I see her?" He says, eyebrows raised. I shrug.

"Sure, why not?". I lean across the marble reception desk, and ask where Tara's ward is. The receptionist taps into the computer, and double checks who I am.

"I'm her boyfriend," I assure her. She looks me up and down and grimaces.

"Well, I'll have to get your name and arrange to see if that's okay with her," she sighs, tapping a pen against her teeth as if I'm a complete and utter waste of time. I smile sarcastically. I'll make this fun for her.

"That would be perfect," I drawl. "The name's Zach." Her eyes flicker up.

"Brilliant," she groans, flicking white-blonde hair out her face. "One hot guy comes in for once and he has a girlfriend. I hate my life."

I laugh, and the guy from earlier on pops up beside me.

"Hey, I'm still single," he says smirking. There's more colour in his skin now, and he's actually really tanned. His muscley body is showing through his top. To be honest, I don't even know how girls can resist him.

"Are you here for Tara too? I'll need your name..."

"Seth," He says, his husky voice makes her flutter. "I don't really know-"

"Yeah he's her friend," I say, shutting him up. She stares him hard right in his bright blue eyes, then picks up the landline beside her, and presses a couple buttons, eyes still on Seth. She finally looks away when someone picks up.

"Hello, it's Chelsea at the reception. Is this Miss Broadings ward?...We have two boys here to see her....their names? Seth and...." she looks at me, eyes squinted.

"Zach," I remind her, rolling my eyes.

"Zach," she says, twirling the twisted cord round her index finger. " Great, I'll just send them through!" A rush of excitement floods through me as she puts the phone down. "You can go now."

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