How to Save A Life..

The Fault In Our Stars Competition Entry!

When Zach and Tara met, it was magic.
They've been dating for 4 years now, and they're both 17.
But Tara has cancer. And she's been told she probably won't live for much longer. They live hours away, and Zach is in care, but he leaves his carehome to live homeless on the streets in Dover, 4 hours away from his hometown, just to be with Tara for her last year. A touching story of love, loss, and death.

Based on the song "How To Save A Life" by The Fray.

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3. Hero

I dig my ragged fingernails into my palm and tear through the rain. I swear it's trying to prevent me from getting to Tara. I push myself harder, and shut my eyes. It'll take me days to get by her side, walking all the way by foot. But I'll get there. Dark curls fall across my face, and I squint my eyes to see through the night, the damp streets merely lit by flickering lamposts. What the hell am I doing? I know I'm stupid, but it's completely the right thing. The thought of holding Tara's pale hand in my own makes me break into a determined run. If this really is her last year, I'll make it her best one.

I check my phone. 4 hours I've been going, now. I catch my breath, and picking up scraps of effort, I push open the door to a newsagent. It's shabby and small, and smells of cigarettes. How I long for one right now. To smoke away all these troubles. A small man, with a balding head who had been dozing off  jumps as the little bell rings to mark my arrival. He does a half-smile, and I try to do one back, but I'm too exhausted. My fingers fumble for a can of coke, and I slap it onto the counter, and lean against the scarred wood. The man  chuckles.

"Drunk are you?"

I meet his eyes. "No. I've spent four bloody hours walking through rain storms to get to my dying girlfriend and I still have ages to go, so don't accuse me of being drunk. I'm far from it, pal."

His expression changes. "Where you going?"


"Ain't that far."

"Have you tried walking from Manchester? No? Well you bloody well don't want to!" I spit.

"Look," he says, his mouth twitching. "I have a car round the back and can give you a lift if you want. I don't mind, after all, you're situation is...pretty...y'know."

I know I shouldn't get in the car with a stranger, but the thought of resting and getting there faster is so tempting. I smile with every last bit of effort I can find.


What he calls a car, looks like a heap of damaged metal. I start to have second thoughts but quickly push them away. He swings into the drivers seat, and I slip in beside him. An unpleasent smell makes my nose wrinkle. "Let's get this bad boy started," he smiles, revving the engine, and pulling out of a dark alleyway.

A firm hand shakes my shoulder. "Oi, laddy! Wake up!

"Janeth, go away," I mumble.

"Janeth?" A deep laugh rumbles through the room. It's only when I open my eyes that I realise where I am. The sky is pale blue now, and I recognise my surroundings. Out the car window, I see that familiar chip shop.

"Dover..." I whisper. The man smiles. "Thank you so much sir!"

He reaches out a hand and I shake it. "Please, call me Alf. And it's a pleasure. I feel like I've done some good for once. Now, is it the hospital you need? I'll take you there, yeah?"

My smile widens. "You're a hero."


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