Average girl

Amelia is an average girl. Average knowledge, average looks. But yet, she doesn't have many friends. She is sweet and caring and absolutely adores everybody. She tries her best not to judge the people she meets, and that is what got her in this situation. When a new student starts at the start of the school year, she is quick to jump head in on trying to make the person feel comfortable. Yet what happens when this new student is the bad boy Blake Harris? Does the magic sparkle or will they even be friends?


10. The morning after

I woke up by the sound of my alarm clock. It read 7 am, so I quietly slipped into my big white fluffy robe, put my hair up and proceeded downstairs. I took one look in the fridge, then I decided to make pancakes. Last night kept creeping in behind my eyes, the blood, the panic, even the kiss. My hand flew up to my lips, touching the place he kissed me. I was one big pile of feelings. I felt butterflies about the kiss, but at the same time so devastated that this was their life. I shot the kiss into the back of my mind, feeling guilty for even thinking about it. 



Pancakes were stacked on three plates on the kitchen counter, ready to be eaten. I walked up to the guestroom door, knocking first, then poking my head in.
"I made some pancakes if you're hungry?" Blake was trying to put his t-shirt on quickly, but I had already noticed. 
"Hey Pea, why don't you get a head start? Do you remember where the kitchen is?" Blake said. Penny nodded and went out the door. 
"What is that Blake?" I said worried and walked over to him. I lifted up his shirt on his left side, only to reveal a big bruise on his ribs. 
"You don't think it's a little too soon to try to get me naked?" He said with a big smirk on his face. 
"I'm serious, Blake. That's a serious bruise! If one of your ribs are broken, it could do serious damage. You know like puncturing a lung, dangerous." He shrugged, immediately regretting it, bending over in pain.
"You need to go to the hospital." 
"No! They would take Penny away from me!" I stared at him in confusion.
"What do you mean?" He looked so... scared.
"How am I supposed to explain all this without telling the truth? They'll send her off to live with some other shitty family. People like us...." 
"People like us what?" 
"Nothing... I'm not going. Can I please go taste these delicious pancakes now? They smell great." He sent me a little smile and walked past me and down the stairs. 


"So Penny, what do you want to do today?" I looked into her pale brown eyes.
"Can I choose anything?" She smiled. Blake looked at her with a certain look, as if to tell her off.
"Of course, honey. Whatever you like." I smiled back.
"I've never been in an amusement park." She lifted up in the chair in anticipation, clearly exited. 
"You know what? After today, you will have been to the best one. I used to go there all the time when I was your age, with my brother. We always had the best fun there." She shrieked, and ran over and hugged me.
"Are you sure?" Blake looked at me concerned. I nodded and mouthed: 'It'll be fine'.
"Finish your pancakes, then I will pack us some lunch and then we will get going, okay?" She smiled wide and started shoveling in pancakes. 


Blake shuffled in the pockets of his jeans. We were watching Penny from a bench, she was in a 'children only' carousel. Blake lit up the cigarette he had found in his pocket. A cloud of smoke left his mouth, but my eyes got no further than his lips. He looked down at me and smiled.
"Still thinking about the kiss?" I shook my head while smiling. 
"Nope, you definitely taste like an ashtray." He let out a small laugh. I looked over at the carousel and waved back at Penny as she passed us. 
"You did good last night." He smiled at the ground.
"Thanks." I replied. 

Penny ran over to us. She smiled up at me and grabbed my hand. I smiled back.
"First one to the ice cream cart gets the biggest ice cream!" I yelled and ran, with Penny in my hand. She laughed and screamed, running as fast as her little legs would allow. 
"OH NO! CRAMP!" I screamed and let go of her hand to grab my leg, letting her win. Blake started laughed behind me and walked quickly up beside me, clearly too much in pain to run.
"I guess you get the smallest ice cream!" He laughed and walked up to Penny. I smiled and pretended that the cramp had passed and went up to them. I bought us three ice creams, after a little bit of discussion about who should pay. We sat down at a bench nearby.


"This is the best day ever! Thank you so much, Apple" She smiled and hugged me. She ran off to play at the playground in front of us.
"Apple?" I looked at Blake. He smiled.
"She must really like you. I have to share being a fruit with you now." He grinned big. 
"Technically you are a berry." He laughed at me.


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