Average girl

Amelia is an average girl. Average knowledge, average looks. But yet, she doesn't have many friends. She is sweet and caring and absolutely adores everybody. She tries her best not to judge the people she meets, and that is what got her in this situation. When a new student starts at the start of the school year, she is quick to jump head in on trying to make the person feel comfortable. Yet what happens when this new student is the bad boy Blake Harris? Does the magic sparkle or will they even be friends?


4. Bruised ankle

When we got into the nurses’ office that I know so well, we were met by Nancy. Nancy is one of the nice nurses, so we have made code names for each other. She is NaNu, Nancy the Nurse and I am Aly H, Always Hurt. She hurried Blake to the beds, where he put me down and vanished behind the curtain. He must have gone back to PE or out for another cigarette. 

"So what was it this time Aly H? Where you falling too seriously for the new guy?" Nancy said in laughter.
"I guess so, but can you blame me? I mean did you see him NaNu?" 
Nancy was a relatively young woman, of course not the same age as us, but she wasn't in her thirties yet. 
"I see your point. It looks like you only bruised your ankle or twisted it a bit. You should be up and running for your next accident in no time. The excoriation on your face will take a bit longer though. You will have your pretty face back in about 4 weeks, if you don't pick it."
"You sound like my mother!"
NaNu laughed and removed the curtain, and to both of our surprises, there was Blake. I instantly felt my cheeks blush, and was kind of embarrassed to meet his eyes. 
"So should I just carry you around from now on?" He smiled and I couldn't hold back a tiny smile.
"Don't you have other things to do?"
"Not really. you kind of look tougher like that? I wouldn't pick a fight with you and I almost never say no to a good fight but I have no idea how you survived so long without me. From what I’ve heard you seem a bit clumsy." I glared at him, but with a smile on my face.

"Aly H, do you want a ride home? I guess I can leave for a bit, it's not that far. You really need to go home and rest that foot." NaNu said concerned.
"I'll take you!" Blake exclaimed a bit too loud and a bit too excitedly. I looked at him, a bit confused. Then I understood, when NaNu said: "I can get you a free pass for the rest of the day if you promise me you are going to stay with her. Her mother and father are always home so late and I don't think she should be alone when she tried to scrape off the asphalt with her face." She looked at me with a big smile as if to mock me a bit because this was one of my more brutal injuries. 

After chatting a bit about any certain care for my foot and face, Blake once again picked me up and started carrying me away. 
"HEY! Put me down you man beast!" I squirmed a bit in his arms but he just squished me tighter.
"We have already talked about this, it is simply faster and you weigh nothing so I don't mind."
"Fine..." I exclaimed with a deep sigh. I waved goodbye to NaNu and let him take me to his car. 
"Are we really going to drive?" I asked scared, I had never liked cars. I always rode my bike. 
"I am not walking with you all the way to your house. I may feel guilty, but I am certainly not some kind of hero..."
"Sorry" I said quietly and got into the car with his help. He turned it on and the radio immediately blasted some loud music. It took me a while to realize that I knew the song, I actually had the record at my house, but I wasn't going to say anything so we rode in silence except for the directions from me.


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