Average girl

Amelia is an average girl. Average knowledge, average looks. But yet, she doesn't have many friends. She is sweet and caring and absolutely adores everybody. She tries her best not to judge the people she meets, and that is what got her in this situation. When a new student starts at the start of the school year, she is quick to jump head in on trying to make the person feel comfortable. Yet what happens when this new student is the bad boy Blake Harris? Does the magic sparkle or will they even be friends?


6. Beer-pong tournament

"Aly? Are you even present? This is very important knowledge!" I zoned out again. I've been doing that a lot since the Blake-thing. 

"Yes, I am here. What did you say?"
"I said that the cheerleaders are for sure going to invite Bethy to the big party on Friday. They have been sending her looks all week" Harvey exclaimed excitedly. Millie whimpered.
"Finally some of us gets to go to a party and it isn't even me!" We all let out a laugh. 
"Look, I am not going to those dimwits’ party if I don't get to bring the rest of the magnificent 4" Bethany stated.
"Can you do that?" I asked with genuine interest. I hadn't been to a party since the one with Tom and I was sort of hoping I could change that before graduating.
"They have wanted me since we started, and now they are pulling out the big guns I guess. The 'see, our lifestyle is great too' - gun. I don't know why they still bother; this is our last year after all. But as I was saying, if they are trying to make me go, then I am going to make all of you go." Bethy said with a big smile on her face. 
"I can't go though. We have dress rehearsal for the big play, and as Madame Clive said 'I absolutely can't miss it!'" Millie said, mocking Madame Clive’s voice at the last part. We all laughed, and as I looked up I caught Blake's eye. He smiled a little but I quickly just looked back at my friends. 

"I still don't get what happened between you two" Harvey said, looking over at him and then back at me. "He's just so weird and mysterious. No one knows his game, not even the primals or the backstapping beauty queens. They just hang out with him because they think he's cool, and good looking I guess." He continued. Harvey always had an issue with the cheerleaders ever since his girlfriend joined them and ditched him because he wasn't good for 'her image'. She was never part of our group, too desperate to be popular, which we most certainly were not. 

"Should we go then?" I asked to change the subject. I was done talking about Blake, I wasn't going to understand it not matter what they said.
"Of course!" Harvey said in a loud voice, making everyone in the cafeteria look directly at us as if we were the odd ones. 



I looked down my body, as we walked. My white off the shoulders dress was flowing slightly in the wind, making my beige sandals disappear and reappear behind the fabric. My hair was up in a messy bun, I had just had one of those days where my hair wouldn't listen to reason. We reached the house, and the music reached us. Harvey started bouncing a bit.
"Who knew that they actually listen to somewhat decent music?" Harvey yelled over the music. We were standing in the entrance, looking around. We all looked for different things, but I was the fastest to find the thing I was looking for. Blake was here, our eyes met. He was talking to some cheerleader, and as quickly as our eyes had met, we both looked away. I felt the bass all the way up through my body from the floor. But it didn't stop the feeling that I didn't like him talking to 'some cheerleader'. I didn't quite understand why, there was definitely nothing between us. We couldn't even have a normal conversation without pissing each other off. I walked in the opposite direction and found myself in front of the drinks. I grabbed a red cup and started filling it up with beer. I didn't normally drink, but I had tasted beer before, and I was not going to make a mess trying to make myself a drink with all of these different types of alcohol I had never tasted. Out of nowhere he was just there, standing next to me with two empty cups. 

I froze, I could feel his body heat against my naked arm. I could feel the chills run down my body and my stomach took a tumble. I stared straight ahead to avoid making a fool of myself again, which was why I didn't see the guy bumping into Blake. I only felt him bump into me. I sent him a look. 
"What?" I said annoyed. He looked at me and said displeased: "Sorry. What are you doing here anyways? You're not really the type to go to a party?" I could clearly see that he was drunk, or maybe he was just on drugs. He seemed the type. But I could smell the alcohol on his breath, he smelled like a bar. Alcohol and a hint of his familiar cigarette smell.

"Bethy... Bethany invited me. The cheerleaders want her, so they always do a bit of charity in the beginning of the year." I looked back at him, and, however stupid this sounds, fell into his eyes which is why I didn't notice that my beer was more than filled. "Aly!" I snapped out of it and looked at the mess I had made. There was beer in a small puddle around my cup, and it was starting to drip down onto the wooden floors. "Shit" I whispered underneath my breath. "I'll help you, it was my fault anyways. I could just stop being so handsome" He laughed. He had noticed. I started walking towards what I thought was the kitchen, trying to squeeze in between the people laughing and kissing in the corners. I started thinking about what it would feel like to kiss Blake, but was stopped dead in my tracks. 
"Blakey!" A whiny voice came from my right. I buried my eyes into the ground and kept walking, but she grabbed my arm to stop me.
"Yes Crystal?" He asked, turning his charm smile on. She continued in an equally whiny voice, I guess that was just how she spoke. 
"You two need to join the beer-pong tournament, YOU" She pointed to Blake. "Will be my teammate!" With this she bit her bottom lip. I looked back into the ground, my stomach was turning.
"Can the beer mess wait?" Blake asked swiftly. I looked up at him and smiled shyly.
"I guess." Crystal grabbed both of our hands and dragged us out into the garden. Blake and I exchanges a look.
"I am going to beat you" He said confidently. 
"You wish." I laughed. When we got to the table next to the pool, Crystal changed her mind.
"OMG Gerard, YOU CAME!" She screamed in the loudest most annoying voice I had ever heard. "You will be on my team, then we will beat these two." Not even glancing our way, she pointed to us. 


The tournament started, and with Blake by my side, I felt a heightened pressure. I didn't want to look bad, but I had never played this game before. I mean, I knew the rules but that was about it. The first throw was mine, and I missed poorly. The other team hit one of our cups. I looked at Blake. "Can I have this one?" I asked raising the glass with the ball. He agreed, so I gave him the ball and gulped it down. He hit one of their cups, of course. "Good throw" I said quietly. 

The game continued on, and I was getting better. We were definitely winning this one, but the tournament was long. About ten games to go, before an ultimate win. By the time, we got to the third game, we were getting more excited about our throws, as the level of alcohol in our system rose. Giving high fives and yelling encouragements over the loud music.

The last game, both teams only had one cup left. It was our turn, and my turn to throw. The entire garden full of people looked at me, but I wasn't going to let it get to me. I took a deep breath and smiled to our opponents.
"Cheers friends" I said and threw the ball straight into the cup. The garden exploded in cheers and Blake and I cheered and he lifted me up into a hug. Our faces came so close, and this time I was sure that I wasn't the only one who felt it. I knew we were drunk, but I felt like this was different. It was special somehow.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!" I heard a familiar voice scream out. Harvey was in trouble. Blake put me down and I quickly scanned the garden, looking for my friend. There he was on the grass, with a primal sitting across him, punching him. Harvey got in some hits as well, but he most definitely took most of it. I ran there, pushing at the people that had gathered around them. "Harvey!" I screamed and grabbed the big primal, and tried to pull him off my friend. Blake had apparently followed me, because he pulled the massive guy off of Harvey. I helped Harvey up from the ground, while Blake pushed the primal and said something to him. He sounded angry, but I couldn't hear anything, because of the sirens. 

I froze. Sirens, the police were here. The sky was lit up with the changing blue and red light. "Run Aly!" Harvey shouted and jumped over a fence. I couldn't move, this wasn't me. I didn't get drunk and I certainly don't get arrested. Suddenly I felt a hand grab my hand and pulled me into a bush. "Shh." Blake placed a finger on my mouth, so I clamped up and said nothing. Lights were searching the garden. "Are you sure there was no party here?" the police officer asked annoyed. "Of course I am. I am just a lousy cleaner" I heard Crystal say.
"Fine." We heard the steps of Crystal and the annoyed cop walk back inside. 

"Come on" Blake whispered and helped me out of the garden over the fence. When we got out onto the pavement, we ran while laughing. 

"Thank you" I said when we had finally slowed down. He sent me one of those leg melting smiles, so I sent one back. After this we walked in silence.

"This is me" I smiled, and stopped. "I know, remember?" He said and looked into the ground. He seemed a bit embarrassed, but I guess it was just my imagination. Because why would a guy like Blake be embarrassed?
"Well goodbye" I said and gave him a hug, before running up to my front door. I glanced back out at him before getting inside and letting all the butterflies take over my body. 

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