Average girl

Amelia is an average girl. Average knowledge, average looks. But yet, she doesn't have many friends. She is sweet and caring and absolutely adores everybody. She tries her best not to judge the people she meets, and that is what got her in this situation. When a new student starts at the start of the school year, she is quick to jump head in on trying to make the person feel comfortable. Yet what happens when this new student is the bad boy Blake Harris? Does the magic sparkle or will they even be friends?


11. Bed time

When we got home it was pretty late. So we ordered in some pizza, and ate it in the living room. While watching some kid show, Penny suddenly looked at me.

"Apple, I'm really tired." She said yawning.
"Do you want me to read you a bedtime story and then tug you in?" I smiled at her.
"Yes, please." I smiled and grabbed her hand. 

She quickly put on her PJ's and slipped under the covers. I walked into my room and grabbed me and Percy's old favorite bed time story and walked back into the guestroom that Penny was sleeping in.
"Are you ready?" She smiled tiredly and nodded.
"In the great green room, there was a telephone..." When I got around halfway through the story, Penny was soundly asleep. So I quietly closed the book and put it on the dresser next to the bed. I got up and closed the door shut behind me.


"Is she asleep already?" Blake looked at me from the couch. I nodded and sat down at the other end. 
"Can you do something for me tomorrow?" Blake asked.
"Sure, anything." I answered.
"Dammit, I should really use that anything on something else but this, but anyway, will you sign in my mother's name the note that Penny has to bring on Monday. Her class is going on some sort of school trip for three days and they know my handwriting by now..." I smiled and nodded. 
"Of course I will. Don't worry about it." He smiled at me and moved closer to me. 
"And about that 'anything'. Does that still count?" He leaned in and kissed me eagerly, putting his hand on my thigh. My heart started racing. His hand traveled up my leg, to the button on my jeans. 
"Blake, I’m..." A cry came from Penny's room. Both of us got up immediately and ran upstairs, jerking the door open. Penny was hiding under her duvet, shaking all over.
"Pea, it's okay. It was just a bad dream." Blake picked her up in his arms and held her tight into his body. 
"Nothing happened, honey. You're completely safe." I added and walked over and stroked her hair.
"Will you please sleep in here with me?" She said while still crying.
"Both of us?" Blake looked at me.
"Pea, I can come to bed now, then you're not alone. But I think Aly wants to sleep by herself." He said with a soft voice.
"But you can't protect us both, when we are in separate rooms!" She started crying harder.
"We're completely safe here, honey. No one is going to hurt us." I said calmly.
"Please! Please! Please!" I looked at Blake, who looked at me, waiting for a response.
"Okay, but we are going to sleep in my room then. I have a bigger bed." Blake walked into my bedroom with Penny still in his arms. He put her down on my bed, where she rolled over to the side and fell to sleep almost immediately. 
"You sure you're fine with this?" Blake asked. I nodded. He took off his shirt and his jeans, and crawled into bed, leaving Penny between us.
"Just please turn around while I get under the covers." He smiled crooked but then turned his head away.
"No peaking." I said quietly and took off my bra and jeans. Wearing a t-shirt and undies, I slipped into the bed.
"Okay, goodnight." He laughed softly.



I opened my eyes and looked straight into Blake's face. His eyes fluttered open, revealing his deep brown eyes. I smiled, just before realizing that Penny wasn't in the bed. She should have been between us, she slept in the middle. I sat up quickly, and there she was, sleeping in a tiny ball at our feet. I laid back down carefully.
"Penny is at our feet." I whispered. He smiled.
"She always is when I wake up. Mostly she says it's because anything else will be way to warm for her." He whispered back. I smiled, which set off a yawn. 
"I've actually never slept in the same bed as someone else." Blake looked taken aback at first.
"Really? Not even if you?" He looked down, checking if Penny was still asleep. "You know, fucked someone? That's kind of cold." I shook my head.
"Blake, I never..." Penny started yawning and stretching at the bottom of the bed.
"Hey, Pea? What do you say we make Aly breakfast today?" He smiled at her. She nodded and crawled out of bed. 
"We'll come get you when it's ready." Penny said. 

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