Average girl

Amelia is an average girl. Average knowledge, average looks. But yet, she doesn't have many friends. She is sweet and caring and absolutely adores everybody. She tries her best not to judge the people she meets, and that is what got her in this situation. When a new student starts at the start of the school year, she is quick to jump head in on trying to make the person feel comfortable. Yet what happens when this new student is the bad boy Blake Harris? Does the magic sparkle or will they even be friends?


9. Beat up

"Aly? Are you okay?" A soft voice said. It was Harvey, watching me staring intently into my locker, like something might appear if I stared hard enough. I snapped out of it by the sound of his voice.

"What?" I looked up at him.
"Are you okay? You seem distant today? Is it still the effect of the day?" His face was drawn up in worry.
"I'm fine." I mumbled, while taking the books out of my locker. Or at least I was until I accidentally saw past Harvey, at the person who was slowly making his way along the hallway. I still didn't really understand what had happened at the beach, but we seemed to have fallen straight back into our normal routine of ignoring each other. Our eyes met for a short moment, then we both shot our look to the ground. 
"I'm fine" I repeated, a little more aggravated. 



The sound of car tires whining to a halt in my driveway, I checked my watch. 11:59 pm, what is anyone doing here at this hour? I jumped when the doorbell rang. I carefully made my way downstairs, and walked cautiously to the front door. 
"Who is it?" I yelled through the door.
"Blake, please let me in." I quickly opened the door, only to see him standing there, Penny wrapped around his body, his face torn up and bloody.
"Blake? What happened?" I asked in confusion. He rushed inside.
"Do you have a Band-Aid?" Penny started sniffling, like she had cried then fallen asleep and was now waking up, ready to cry again.
"Sure, come with me." He followed me into the kitchen where I scrambled to find the first aid kit. 
"Here it is." Penny was now fully awake and very upset.
"Hi Penny, I'm Aly."
"Hi." She sniffled between her cries.
"I have this magic little piece of sticky fabric. It makes all pain and sorrow go away. Can I put one on you?" I smiled sweetly.
"Yes, please." Her little brown eyes looked straight into mine, while Blake sat her down on the counter and let me put the Band-Aid on the small cut on her cheek. Then I planted a tiny peck on her cheek on top of the Band-Aid. She started smiling.
"Is it working?" I asked cautiously. She nodded a few times and then looked to Blake.
"Banana, can I go to sleep please? I'm very tired." He nodded and looked at me, as if to ask if it was okay.
"The door at the end of the corridor. It's already made." He smiled vaguely and picked Penny back up, and carried her upstairs. In the meantime, I found a cloth and soaked it in water.




"She's asleep." He said quietly. "Thank you so much for this." He looked into the ground, clearly embarrassed.
"Who did this?" I reached up and stroked next to some of his cuts. "My mother. When I got home, she was in one of those moods, but I was just too late. She slapped Penny. I heard it from the hallway, so I rushed in and pushed her away. But she grabbed my baseball bat and got in a few good hits before I could take it from her." His eyes were riddled with blame.
"This was not your fault. You couldn't have known." He looked down into my eyes and sighed lightly.
"Can I please fix these cuts on your lip and in your eyebrow?" He resisted at first: "I'm fine." Then sat down on a chair and allowed me closer. I grabbed the bowl with the cloth in it and started removing all the blood. He twisted in his chair every time I got close to one of them. 
"Did you make that up? The thing with the Band-Aids?" He asked in between pain. 
"No... My mother used to say that, when I was younger. I was just as clumsy back then." He smiled a little. 
"I can't believe Penny got to kiss you before me." He said with an almost undetectable grin on his face. I smiled back.
"I can kiss yours better too if you like?" I asked jokingly. He reciprocated the smile. I put a Band-Aid on the cut on his brow, but let the cut on his lip be since it would be almost impossible to put a Band-Aid on. 
"All done." I smiled. He grabbed my waist, just when I was about to step away from him. His dark brown eyes glowed in the dark. Then he pulled me in, so I was standing between his legs, our faces so close. "Blake, I..." He placed his full lips on mine and pulled me closer. The warmth of his lips hit my entire body in an instant, and the butterflies felt as though they started in my toes and traveled all the way up through my body. 
He pulled away: "Thank you Aly." He got up swiftly and went back up to the room, leaving me there completely baffled. 

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