My Life

My sisters Anna, Molly, Channing, and Livy are very interesting people. This is a story about how we become closer. Will it bring us closer or will it bring us apart?


2. Taking Care of Molly


I picked Anna up and carried her to the kitchen where my mom was making breakfast.  I put Anna in her high-chair and got out some baby food.  I started to feed Anna.  I acted like the spoon was an airplane.  Anna loved the airplane.


“How did you sleep Sarah?” my mom asked.


“I had a very restful night sleep.  I fell asleep right away.”


“I’m glad someone had a good nights sleep.  I was up just about all night with Molly.” 


“Is she still sick?”  Molly is 5 years old. She is the second oldest.  Anna is eight months old, of course the youngest, Channing is 8 years old, and Olivia, or Livy for short, is 11 years old.


“Yes, it seems she cannot get over the flu.”


“I’ll be happy to stay home and babysit the girls while you go out with some of your friends.”


“Oh would you?  I’m glad I have you!”, she said as she handed me bacon, eggs, and pancakes.


“I’m glad I have you too!”


I hurried and finished my breakfast so I could do a few things around the house to help my mom out.  My dad was at work already.  He wakes up at about 2:30 every morning and leaves by 3:00 so he could get to work by 5:30.

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