My Life

My sisters Anna, Molly, Channing, and Livy are very interesting people. This is a story about how we become closer. Will it bring us closer or will it bring us apart?


1. One Busy Day


There was a loud bang and I opened my eyes.  I was surprised to see Anna on my floor.  Anna was my little sister.  She was a little wobbly but she could walk a few steps.  She was always trying to walk, taking a few more steps each week.

Anna had fallen down onto the carpet, still smiling.  She barely ever cried.  There was too much to explore to cry and have to be held for too long.  She always wanted to know what was happening around her.


She loved being in my room because there weren’t a lot of things she would get into trouble for being in.  I loved Anna and would do anything for her.  She was so cute.


I got out of bed and picked her up.  She said “Sunny”.  Whenever she said “Sunny” it meant she wanted me to sing “You Are My Sunshine”.  I sang it to her all the time.  Whenever I sang it she would point to the sun, look at me, and smile.  I loved her smile.  A few teeth starting to grow in and a wide, cheeky smile.


I started to sing and she pointed to the sun, looked at me, and smiled.  I was trying to sing through a wide smile.  It was difficult to do but I managed.  I couldn’t stop singing to her now.  When I finished the song I put Anna on the floor with her toys and her blanket.  It was a white and pink blanket.  It had flowers and rabbits all over it.


After I had gotten her interested in a toy, I got up and got changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

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