Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


47. You Smell like...

-Liam's P.O.V-


Harmony and I packed my suite case, she didn't say a single thing today. While she was folding my clothes, her back was to me, so wrapped my arms around her waist, kissed her neck and then put my chin on her shoulder. She sighed.

"Harmony" I started, she kept silent.

I grabbed my shirt from her hand and threw it in the suite case. I spun her around and looked into those deep, blue eyes.

"Dance with me" i said while placing my hands on her waist.

"there's no music" she laughed.

"so?" I teased.

"fine" she placed her tiny hands and her head on my chest.

I could feel her rhythmic breathing, her breath was my lullaby for the past few days.

After an hour,  we climbed into the car. I was wearing a shirt and jeans. Harmony was wearing a cap, hoodie, jeggings and and high, neck Nike shoes. She looked divine. When we got to the airport paparazzi were swarming everywhere, i took my jacket out and wore it. Hoods up and glasses on, I grabbed my suite case and Harmony's hand, I gave her the keys. We walked in the airport hand in hand. I stopped and looked at Harmony who refused to look into my eyes. I cupped her cheeks and looked her in the eyes, she was crying.

"Harmony" I kissed her lips and she hugged me.

"I'll see you soon OK love?" i whispered into her hair.

"Bye" she mouthed as i walked to the gate. I miss her already.


-Louis P.O.V-


We were working out the seating plan of the car to go pick up Liam. We all decided to rent a limousine, all seven of us were sitting comfortably. The girls were sitting in the back of the Limo. I couldn't help but stare at Mackenzie. She's absolutely Beautiful, It's amazing how fate brought all of us together.

When we got to the airport, i ran to Mackenzie's hand, she blushed immediately. She's too cute. Unfortunatly, Amanda snatched her away from me.

We've been sitting her for over an hour, the boys and I have nothing else to talk about, but the girls keep talking non-stop. It still breaks my heart how Harmony is not with them, but did the even miss her?

"guys! look! Liam's plane landed!" Said Dawn excited. We walked over to the pick-up place, we also notice that paparazzi were waiting beside the Limo. Crap.

We were still waiting. I crept behind Mackenzie and wrapped my arms around her waist, i started kissing her neck but then just chilled my head on her shoulder. Zayn and Amanda's foreheads were on each other and they were giggling and whispering while holding hands. Niall and dawn were sat on the ground using the wall as support, dawn was laying down with her head in Niall's Lap. Harry on the other hand was flirting with some chick.

"There he is!" Cried Max as she saw him approaching.

I let go of Max and ran to hug Liam,

"LIAAAAAM!" I scream out.

All of us ran and hugged him, then he took turns hugging the girls. He sighed.

"you smell like Harmony" He said to Amanda.

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