Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


52. We Made up

-Liam's P.O.V-

We were waiting by the limo for Zayn, I've never seen Amanda this pissed. After 10 minutes, he comes back hand in hand with Amanda, Did i miss something?

"hey Paul, can you follow us with Amanda's car?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah, of course" Paul said, he thew him the keys.

We all climbed into the Limo.

"So what happened?" asked Niall.

"nothing, most important thing is that we are OK" Smiled Amanda "Oh, Liam! check your phone"

"Why?" i asked confused.

"just do it" she said excited.

I opened my phone and saw a message.

From: Red-Head (Harmony <3 )
You are the absolute best, sweetest and you are all mine <3 Yes of course! :* Skype me when you get home <3

I was smiling from ear to ear, I looked at Amanda, she was smiling as well.

"how'd you know?" i asked.

"we made up" she giggled.


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