Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


13. Pictures

-Amanda's P.O.V-

Did Zayn Malik just say i look good?! OH MY GOD!!
"Damn you guys are so much taller in person!" Said Mackenzie.
"Oh thank you" Said Liam.
I could see Harmony's eyes light up.
"Zayn umm can we take a picture?" I said shyly.
"Sure" he said walking towards me.
"Bobo bear" i said and then i noticed that i had completely embarrassed both Harmony and myself, i could see a smile on Zayn's face, but a blank expression on Harmony's "c-can you take a picture?"
"Sure thing boo" she winked at me. phew! She's not pissed.
Zayns hands were huge, he wrapped one hand on my waist, i got chills all over and put my hand on his shoulder, out of nowhere i could feel Zayns lips on my cheek. My eyes where about to fall out of my head. His lips felt so soft on my cheek, And I start to notice that ism blushing. I could see Mackenzie, Harmony and Dawn smiling for me, and I smiled.



Two Chapters as I promised :3 enjoy <3 and please share <3

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