Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


53. Meet the family

-Dawn's P.O.V-

I went to wallmart to buy groceries for my mom, I love wallmart! I went to the can section and I started looking for canned beans, it was at the top shelf. I hate being so short, I tried stretching up to try to reach it. I felt a hand on my waist and a hand easily grab the bean, I turned to thank the helper, before I could his lips pecked mine. Niall.

"Hello, pretty" He smiled. I put my forehead on his.

"How'd you get here without being mobbed?" I teased.

"sunglasses and a hoodie" he kissed my cheek and held the basket.

"Lets go shopping" He said and grabbed my hand.

We shopped and then he walked my home. I invited him in and he accepted.

"Mom! I'm home! and Niall is here!" I yelled.

"Oh, Coming" she ran to the door "Hello dear" she welcomed him with a hug, he didn't hesitate and hugged back. I smiled. "I always wondered where Dawn got her looks, now I know" My mom chuckled, and my smile grew larger.
"you will be staying for dinner, won't you" My mom asked genuinely excited.

"OK" He smiled. My mom left to the kitchen. 

"take your shoes off and put these on" I handed him some slippers. He took his shoes off and put the slippers on. When he stood up I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips.

"you're cute" he whispered. I giggled.

We went to my room, he sat on my bed and started looking around.

"So how was last night's party?" I asked and sat next to him.

"boring, no beer" he chuckled.

"you are bad influence" I laughed.

We Cuddled on the bed and started watching house, it was a perfect moment.

-Niall's P.O.V-

i was sat in Dawns room, in Dawns bed, with Dawn in my arms. I'm head over heels for her. I kissed her forehead and she looked up at me.

"what was that for?" she giggled.

"Can't i kiss my girlfriend without a why?" i joked, she pecked me on the lips.

Suddenly the door flew open and a male version of Dawn was standing there, looking at us is disgust.

"This is my twin Derek, Niall" she sighed and stood up.

"Mom says dinner is ready" He said and left.

"I never knew you had a twin brother" i said.

"I also have an older sister who is quite attractive" she teased.

"oh well lets go meet her" i joked.

"Heey" she whined. Too cute.

"come on" I said and spanked her.

"Niall!" she gasped, I laughed and soon she laughed with me.

I wrapped my arm around her waist while we were walking to the dining room.

"Hello son" her dad said, i let go immediately, and shook his hand.

We sat down, Dawn was much more attractive than her older sister, her mom made the best stuffed chicken.

"So, your in a band?" her dad asked.

"yes sir" i said taking a bite from the rice.

"do you make good money?" Dawn choked on her chicken, I patted her back and she started laughing at the question.

"Dad! he's a millionaire" she laughed " his band is the biggest band on Earth".

Her dad looked shocked. After dinner Dawn was stuck with her mom cleaning. Steven, Dawn's Dad and I went outside and they offered me a beer, I accepted. I love it here!

"Welcome to the Family" Steven patted my shoulder and chuckled.

-Mackenzie's P.O.V-

I was going to go to my 10 year old brother, Jimmy's Soccer match. i wore floral printed legging and a white puffy shirt, with pink flats and bracelets. I wore my hair in a fishtail braid and put my RayBan on.

I arrived at the nick of time and quickly took my place in the crowd, I started cheering. I know a lot about soccer and i always play with Jimmy. The game was going well and in the end they had tied.

I walked over to Jimmy and high fived him.

"You were awesome" I cheered and giggled. He giggled along.

I got a text from Lou.

From: Tommo <3

Come to the park, bored :(

"Hey Jimmy, Do you want to meet a dear friend of mine?" i asked.

"sure, lemme just go gram my ball" he said.

We walked to central park and got ice cream on the way, Jim and I were really close.

When I found Tommo, he stood up from the bench, i jogged to him and wrapped my arms around him waist. He planted a kiss on my lips.

"Hi" he whispered.

"hey" i whispered back.

"who's this" he asked jimmy while letting go.

"Jimmy" he said.

"I see your carrying a ball, you any good at football?"

"nah, I'm great at soccer" he teased.

"can we play?" asked Lou.

"bring it on"

I sat on the bench and watched them play, they were having loads of fun and I was quite enjoying my time.

When they finished they walked over to me.

"I like your boyfriend sis" said Jimmy, but he isn't, I mean he didn't ask.

"he's-" i started but was interrupted by Lou.

"I like my girlfriends brother as well" I smiled, we are official.

-Harmony's P.O.V-

"Liam, stop" I bursted out laughing. We were on skype and he was singing waaay of key.

I had my headphones in my ears and s3 in my hands.

"I miss you" he pouted.

"I miss you too"

My door opened, i saw Marcus, i was picked up, over his shoulder and then back on the floor.

"MARCUS!" I yelled and hugged him.

"I'm back from Germany, baby sister" he said.

I realized Liam was still on the line, I took my phone and used the front cam.

"Liam, This is my brother Marcus" I smiled and kissed his cheek "Marcus this is Liam" I took out the head phones.

"Hello Marcus"

"British accent? cool. Hey Liam"

"This is my boyfriend Marcus" I smiled.

"boyfriend!?" He yelled.

"Liam I'll call you back in a bit" i said, and blew him a kiss.

"Boyfriend?!" started Marcus.

"boyfriend" I giggled.

"Who is he?!" He yelled.

"google Liam Payne" I said.

He took out his phone and looked him up.

"You're dating a member of one direction?" he asked.

"yep" I laughed.

"Wow, anyway Christmas break is next week, but i have to give you an early present" he smiled.

"What?" i asked.

"It's you, me in... New York!"



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