Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


61. Louis Birthday

-Dawn's P.O.V-

Mackenzie was planning a huge surprise birthday party for Louis, she had me plan the decorations. We had found a huge hall and rented it for new years eve. Harry, Zayn and Niall had planned the invitation list. Harmony, Lia and Amanda were in charge of music and Will-I-am was the DJ. Liam was put to stall Louis and Max was on the top of everything.
It was black tie so the boys got their suites, they were just black suites with tie that matched their dates dress. Harry asked Lia to be his date and she agreed happily. Lia actually fit in with us, she was Harmony in a different body.
I was wearing a cute, short, sweet heart cut shaped dress that was light pink with a laced, black corset on top, Harmony isn't the type that likes revealing her body so she bought a one shoulder, navy, laced dress. Amanda being herself she got a skin tight, one shoulder, red, studded-a-bit dress. Lia had a pink dress that was strappy in places, ans glittery in others. And Mackenzie who was the birthday boy's Girlfriend bought a super sexy, sequined, skin tight dress. We all looked fabulous.

-Mackenzie's P.O.V-

We all were ready for lou's birthday party. The hall looked amazing, Will-I-am was playing the best music ever and Liam was texting us every step they took. See the plan was that Liam had found an awesome party and that they were going together.
I was running all over the place, i even decided to take my shoes off until he came. Everything had to be perfect.
I ran to the bar while the girls and guys were greeting the guests. The beer was cold the buffet was ready and the cake was in the fridge. Liam texted that they were going to be here in less than ten minutes, so i ran to my shoes put them on, grabbed a mic and started saying.
"Ok so lou is going to be here in five minutes.. wait, no two minutes! So places everybody!" We turned off the lights.

-Louis P.O.V-

"You think there will be any beer?" I asked Liam.
"Yeah, i bet" he said.
We walked in and it was pitch black then the lights came on and  everybody just yelled "SURPRISE!"
I was in total shock, i just stood there looking shocked. Looking like an Idiot.
Mackenzie ran to my side and she looked absolutely stunning.
I went and greeted everybody, it was honestly the best party ever.
I saw Mackenzie talking to Justin and Selena. I ran to Will and asked him to put a slow song.
"Mind if i steal you for a bit" i whispered into her ear as i wrapped my arms around her waist. She giggled and walked to the dance floor.
I placed my hands on her waist and she put her arms around my neck. I looked down at her amazing dress and her cleavage.
"My eyes are up here tommo" she giggled. I looked into those gorgeous brown eyes and smiled.

-Liam's P.O.V-

Harmony looked stunning in lace. She was drinking an iced tea and talking to Emblem Three.
Wesley was checking her out, i went over to her and put a hand on her hip.
"I think i have the prettiest girl in the room" i said.
"Your girl?" Wesley asked.
"Gorgeous isn't she?" I kissed her cheek.
"Bye guys" she waved at them and pulled her to the dance floor.
"Liam! No! I can't dance" she whined and starting walking away, But i pulled her by her waist.
"Come on!" I turned her around and put my hands on her waist "just move your body to the music".
"OK" she gave up and put her arms around my neck.
"Hey Harmony" i whispered into her hair and grabbed one of her hands.
"Hey Liam"
"Promise me you'll never leave me?"
"I promise"

-Amanda's P.O.V-
I went to the bar and got a bloody mary. I saw Drake and his girlfriend dancing and Marcus was flirting with Carly Rae Jepson and Zayn was no where to be found. I sighed because i really missed him, it's been a week since ive last talked to him.
"So how many sorry's will it take for you to forgive me?" Somebody whispered into my ear.
"A million and four" i teased and turned around.
His goegeous brown eyes where staring into mine.
"I'm sorry baby" he cupped my chin.
"Now they are a million and three" i stood up on my toes and kissed him.
"Call me crazy, but I love you"
"I love you too Zayn"

-Niall's P.O.V-

Dawn was in my arms through out the entire night.
"Hey Philip" I said as we approached Philip Philip.
"Hey man!" He shook my hand "who's this fine Lady?" He asked and kissed Dawn's hand.
I could see a blush creep onto her cheek.
"I'm Dawn" she said.
"My girlfriend" i continued.
"I'd love to talk to you, but I my date is waiting, bye!"
"Bye" we said together.
When he left Dawn stood in front on me and held both of my hands.
"Someone is a bit jealous" she teased.
"Who?" I teased back, she stuck her tongue out.
I cupped her cheeks and pecked her lips.
"You know my parents are crazy about you" she smiled.
"And I'm crazy about you" i kissed her nose and pulled her into a hug.
"Your all mine" i whispered into her hair.


-Louis P.O.V-

"Come on" Max giggled and pulled me. I had a blindfold on and couldn't see anything.
"Are you ready?" She whispered into my ear seductively.
"Yeah" i said. She slowly took my blindfold off. I was in a hotel room. I turned around and to my surprise i saw Max in a robe.
"Happy birthday" she said and sat down on the bed.
"Are you trying to kill me?" I asked and walked over to her.
She pulled me down and we started kissing gently, i went from her lips, to her cheek, to her ear, down her neck and then to between her breasts.
She started unbuttoning my shirt slowly, she was being such a tease so i took everything except the boxers off, And i laid on the bed.
She sat on my hips and took out a box from her pocket.
"You have to wear this dog tag" she said while putting it on me.
I looked at it and it had an "M" on it.
I smiled and then pulled her down from her neck. We were making out harder and harder by the second, i took her robe off so she was in her sexy, lace under garments. We rolled over so i was on top, i unhooked her bra and then i saw her perfectly sized breasts.
I quickly took my boxers and her panties off. I threw on a condom and we started making out again. I started kissing her neck and then kissed her soft spot. She moaned.
"Lou, i love you"
i started biting, licking and kissing her soft spot and then i went inside of her, she moaned even more, I went in faster and faster until she started screaming.
She pushed me and we rolled over so she was riding me.
"Damn baby your so tight" i whispered into her hair. After we were both out of breath, she laid down on my chest, our breaths were harmonizing. I whispered into her ear.
"I Love you"


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