Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


18. KEVIN!

-Louis P.O.V-

When we arrived at our hotel we went to the restaurant in it, Harmony was sitting on Amanda's lap then Mackenzie pushed them and the fell over each other, Dawn jumped on them while screaming.
"Group Hug!" We all laughed, it took us a while to settle down.
"Is it just me, or do they remind you guys of ourselves?" I asked.
"I thought i was the only one who thought that!" Said Harry.
"Awww Hazza!"
"Lou!" I could hear Mackenzie Laughing.
"Well we all have a bit of you" Said Amanda.
"How so?" Asked Niall.
"Well Dawn is our Niall" Dawn blushed "I'm Harry, Mackenzie is our Liam, and Harmony is Louis and Zayn" she said "she is a poser" she whispered. We all laughed.
"Oh right!" Said Harmony "I got you guys something!" All of us looked confused. She gave Niall two packets of Horibo candy, Zayn two cans of redbull, Harry some twixes, Liam some maltesers (her eyes lit up when she gave him the malts) and finally she got me a plastic pigeon.
"KEVIN!" I yelled, we all laughed.

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