Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


63. Hospital

-Mackenzie's P.O.V-

When Liam kicked the door,  he held it so it wouldnt fall on Harmony.
I couldn't react because of how scared I was. But this. This is worse than I imagined. She was in a pool of her own blood, shard in one hand and the other dripping blood. Liam lost it and couldn't react he just stood there crying. I looked at the faces around me all shocked.
Marcus ran in and just carried her, he ran to the car. Zayn, Niall, Louis, Amanda, Haz and Dawn ran with him. Some faces were sheet white,  sobbs and shocked expressions.  Liam was still there unable to move. I walked next to him and saw what he was looking at. Harmony had a One Direction app and it had a picture of Liam and Lia holding Hands and smiling, with a caption "liam breaks the Harmony?"
"It's photoshopped" he whispered. I was in shock and didn't even realise I was in Amanda's car.
We ran into the hospital, Liam's face flushed, no colour. He ran to the emergency and I ran behind him, everybody was there. I ran next to Amanda and sat beside her. But Liam was still running.
"You have to let me in!" He begged.
Haz ran to him and pulled him to us. He sat down and started crying. Nobody said anything until the doctor came to inform us about what was happening.
We all shot up.
"She's lost alot of blood, and fell on her head, but you got her here on time, she's going to need blood. Any of you have AB blood type?"
"I do" said Liam "give her as much as she needs"
"Excellent" said the doctor. He motioned for him to follow him, I tagged along for support.
He donated two blood bags, the doctor said 1 was enough for her body to function but that wasnt good enough. After that he was quite woozy and I had to help him to the rest. They let us see her, Amanda ran in. Liam forgot his wooziness and ran to her side. He started sobbing and he kissed her forehead. I held her hand, she looked so peaceful, like an angel. She looked so vulnerable. I kissed her hand, and started crying.

-Marcus's P.O.V-

The boys got Harmony the biggest room in the entire hospital because we were all staying here with her.
She took some strong meds so she hasnt woken up yet. Liam hasn't left her side, right now he sat on a chair and held her hand. Max sat on her bed and held her other hand. Amanda was sleeping in Zayn's arms,  I've never seen her cry as much as she did.
Niall and Dawn went to get us some food and Harry was talking to Louis.
"Harmony!" Gasped Mackenzie.
I ran to her side.
She woke up an we were all around her.
"W-what happened?" She whispered terrified.
"You cut too deep" I said.
"Why did you do that Harmony?  I thought we were over the cutting" said Mackenzie.
"Liam and Lia are a-" she started.
"It's photoshopped,  I left that shirt in Canada when I visited" said Liam.
"Oh, well my life in Canada is pretty much over so I thought why not be selfish for once and spare myself all the misery? " she broke my heart.
Liam started apologizing to her until she finally accepted it. The doctor came in checked if everything was ok. And to my surprise the next visitors were my parents. Mom put Reina down and they both ran to her side. I cued for Reina to come to me and I carried her.
"Mom, Dad, what are you doing here?" She asked.
"Why didn't you tell us you were miserable in Canada?" Asked mom.
"Well we set it up with Amanda's parents" I looked over to Amanda who stood up intrigued "and thet say its completely fine if you live with them until she finishes school" a huge smile grew on her face. I looked over to Amanda and her grin was from ear to ear.
"Are you serious?!" Asked Harmony excited.
"Dead serious" said Dad. Max and Amanda started Happy jumping.
After an hour mom and dad sat around and Reina was asleep in my arms.
"Mawcus, I wanna see Hamony" she yawned. I carried her to Harmony.
"Hi there cutie" smile Harmony weakly,  she was so tired.
"Hi" said Reina shyly.
"Who's this cutie?" Said Harry. Louis came and they started to talk to Reina until she finally lwt go of me and went off to play with them. I sat next to Max who was playing temple run 2 on her phone.
"Damn dude you suck" I teased.
"Oh really? Well then why don't you show me your mad skills? " she laughed.
"Oh I will" I took her phone threw it aside, cupped her cheeks and planted a kiss on her lips.
"I know you've been waiting for that kiss since you were 10" I whispered and put my forehead on hers.

-Louis's P.O.V -

I excused myself out of the room and ran to the loo to make a phone call. I checked that nobody was there so I could lock the door.
"Hello?" I smiled at the sound of her voice.
"Louis? "
"Eleanor, I love you"
"I thought you were with that Mackenzie girl" she mumbled.
"She was a replacement, you've been far away and out of my reach El, I miss you and I thought you were being overly obsessed.  But the truth is I stopped asking. Ell. I love you"
"I love you too Lou" I grinned from ear to ear.
We talked for a bit, I told her to come to NYC and she accepted. When I came back, Harmony's parents were gone. However,  Paul was napping on the couch.  The rest were sitting in a circle. Reina was in Harry's arms and Max was taking pictures of them.
"I feel so bad that we can't go camping anymore" pouted Harmony.
"What are you talking about? We are camping right now" I smiled at her and kissed her cheek, Liam was sleeping on the chair beside her, still clutching her hand.
"He saved my life" she whispered.
"He's a hero" I said to her and then sat in between zayn and Amanda.
"Ell is coming over" I whispered into her ear.
She gasped and hugged me.
"Let's go get a tent and sleeping bags" she whispered to me.

-Liam's P.O.V-

She was running in a meadow, wearing a white summer dress. Laughing,  giggling and twirling all around. She turned around and looked at me, blue eyes locked on my brown ones.  Her red hair flying with the wind. Her hand stretched out for mine and I started walking towards her, I wasn't reaching her, I started running and it started raining, her eyes turning red, smile fading, wrists dripping blood.  I ran faster, her laughter was turned into screams, the meadow turned into dead bodies...
"Liam" I woke up startled "are you ok?" Asked Harry.
Louis, Zayn and Amanda had left. Niall and Dawn were sitting on the couch, resting.
"Just a nightmare" I said. I looked at Harmony who was asleep. Her head hit really hard so she was dizzy and had to be kept under the doctor's eyes. I kissed her hand and the kissed her forehead. I closed my eyes and put my forehead on hers. Pictures of her laying on the ground unconscious concurred my brain.
"You should go outside for a bit of fresh air" said Harry,  I didn't argue.
I went downstairs, out. When the fresh air hit my nostrils I instantly felt better. We sat outside for half and hour and then Louis, Zayn and Amanda came. Amanda was carrying, well more like dragging two huge bags. Zayn was having a cigarette, and Louis was carrying three bags.
We ran over to help, as soon as we took the bags from Amanda she grabbed the cigarette from Zayn, took a sip, huffed in his face, threw it to the floor and stumped on it.
"Fuck you" laughed Zayn.
We went upstairs, and started unpacking,  they were building a campsite! While Amanda and Zayn where setting up the tent, a rod flew out of place and ripped her shirt. We all laughed as her face turned tomato red. We set up the rest. Paul left, I looked over to Harmony. I couldn't resist I walked to her and pecked her lips.

-Dawn's P.O.V -

I sat next on the edge of Harmony's bed, legs crossed and I was holding her hand.
"Hey Amanda, can you pass me the lotion?" I said.
"Sure thing" she stood up and ran to Harmony's bag. Her mother packed everything Harmony needed. She walked next to me.
"This time was even scarier than the last time" I whispered.
"Shhh" she said handing me the lotion "I know".
She kissed Harmony's forehead and sat next to the rest. I applied a bit of lotion on her face because she looked quite dry. I couldn't help remember the last time I did that. Same incident, smaller pool of blood. Only Liam knew about that.
I didn't notice her waking up.
"Dejavo" she giggled, I just managed to take a smile.
"Well good night brave" teased Amanda. She backed up and showed he our messy campsite. Her jaw fell and we all laughed at her reaction.
She slowly moved the cover away and sat up, because of the dizziness she put one hand on the bed for support and the other on her head.
"Are you ok?" I said and put my hand on her back.
"Here drink this" said Liam handing her a cup of water. After drinking all of it she slowly stood up, but before she moved any further I stopped her.
"Reckon, you should put on some underwear" I whispered into her ear and she blushed. Walking back.
"What's wrong?" Asked Niall eying me.
"I forgot that this kind of robe doesn't cover my butt" she said obviously embarrassed.
I kicked the boys out. And with the help of Amanda and Max and a nurse, we put her in her green Pj's. Combed her hair and after all the moving she did, she could finally move on her own a bit. She used the loo and the nurse stopped her medicine so she could sit with us.
Amanda let the boys in and they all cheered, while she posed.
She walked up to Liam and hugged him.
"I can't believe you guys did all of this!" She smiled.
"Technically,  it was Louis, Zayn and I who did this, so umm" started Amanda but we all gave her death stares, laughed and then we group hugged.


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