Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


62. Go clean yourself up Payne

-Harmony's P.O.V-

I woke up got dressed in sporty shorts, a "sleeping with sirens" t-shirt on, and some sneakers. Everybody was still asleep because of last night's partying.
I ran to Central park then got a coffee and sat down on a bench. I felt my phone vibrating and pulled it out.
Liam Payne ♥
"Hi there sleepy head" I giggle.
"Hi" he yawned.
"Go back to bed" I say.
"Where are you? " he asked.
"I went for a run"
"Come over"
"Ok, I'll be there in 10 minutes"
I ran to their place and saw Paul. I gave him a hug and ran up the stairs.
I walked in and the place was quiet. I ran to Liam's room and knocked.
"Come in" he yawned.
"Hi there handsome"
"Hey" he made room for me in his bed, I took my shoes off and climbed in.
My back was to him and his arms were around me.
I turned around and looked at him.
"You know the only thing keeping me sane is that I get to look into your blue eyes everyday"
I planted a kiss on his lips, and then I put both of my hands on his chest.
"Forever" I said.

-Harry's P.O.V-

I woke up and found Lia fixing her hair. Weve been going out since louis birthday, its been about a week. She took one of my shirts, shorts and uggs, pulled her hair up in a messy bun. She was applying lip gloss when I came next to her and wrapped my arms around her waist.
"Good morning" she grinned.
"Good morning" I said, her neck was so exposed I couldn't hold myself any longer,  I started kissing her neck. She was ticklish so she started giggling which is extremely cute.
"Get dressed! Harmony and Amanda are coming over, and I dont need the biatch to see you in only boxers" she giggled and put her forehead on mine "thats for me to see and other girls to dream" she pointed at my boxers.
"You're naughty young lady" I whispered.
"And you're cute" she turned around on her heel and ran off leaving me craving her scent.
I got dressed in shorts, a shirt and toms. When I went out, louis, Niall and lia were laughing.
I came in and wrapped my arms around Lia's waist.
"Hi" she smiled at me.
"Hello" I said and kissed her cheek.
The door bell rang and Zayn ran to get it, he carried Amanda and started twirling her. They whispered their I miss yous and then Harmony came in hand in hand with Liam.
They came and gave us hugs. You know that sucky time when you have a song stuck in your mind? Well Perrie was on replay in my mind singing "we are who we are"
I started humming and then Harmony's face went blank, she stood on the table.

my eyes, someone turn me up, I'm speaking my mind
And I, and I, I've been wasting lot of time looking in mirrors
And hating on me, but now I like what I seeI know, I know, I never be perfect
I know, I know, but I'm gonna work it
Let go, let go, put your new shoes on
The new you on
We are who we are, who we are, pretty's just a petty word
And I'm gonna shine like a star, cause I'm the only me in this world
Throw away the books and the magazines, I'm never gonna look like a beauty queen
We are who we are, who we are, and I'm just doing me, just doing me...

We both started singing and then after we finished we jumped on the way couch and started laughing.

-Dawn's P.O.V-

"Mom, can me Max, Harmony, Lia, Amanda, Niall, Harry, Liam, louis, Zayne, Marcus, Drake and Ellie go camping next week?" I begged.
"Oh, it's not up to me! ask your father!" She chuckled and pointed at him.
"Daddy!" I pouted.
"Is Niall going?" He asked.
"Then its fine by me" he smiled.
"Thank you Daddy" I said and kissed his cheek.
I ran to my room and called Amanda.
"They said yes!" I squeaked.
"Awesome, now we need to plan..."
"Hey Amanda,  Niall is calling, I'll call you later"
I answered Niall's call.
"Hello princess"
"What's up?"
"Nothing much, get ready in five minutes"
I got ready, I wore one of his hoodies he left in my house, leggings and uggs. I had my hair in a braid.
I ran to the door, and pressed the elevator and ran to his car and slid in.
"Hi" he pecked my lips and then drove off.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"The movies!" He chuckled.
"I look horrible though" I pouted.
"You look beautiful" he smiled at me and I blushed.

-Mackenzie's P.O.V-

Harmony and I drove to the mall, Lia was with Haz, Dawn and Niall in the movies and Amanda was Zayn, Liam and Louis were in the studio.
We picked up some Starbucks,  I got a frap and Harmony got a hot chocolate.
"We did it" I confessed and she choked and hot chocolate.
"Yeah, Harmony after we did it the kisses arnt the same, it's like we both felt lust. There is no spark!"
"Oh my" she put her hand on her mouth.
"We talked about it last night, we're done Harmony" I said and her eyes grew huge.
She gave me a huge hug.
"I'm so sorry" she whispered.
"Is it bad that I feel good" I whispered back.
"Not at all, hey how about we have a sleep over at Amanda's just like the old days,  single for the night" she said.
"I'd love that" I whispered.

-Louis's P.O.V-

"I like that verse" said zayn.
"I have to tell you guys something" I said looking down.
"What's up Lou?" Asked Amanda as she put her hand on my knee for encouragement.
"Max and I"
"Yeah?" Said Liam.
"We are just friends" I confessed.
"What happened?" Asked Zayn.
"Lust happened" I say.
Amanda's arms wrap around me.
"I want Eleanor back, Amanda. I was too hard on her" I whispered into her hair.
"it's not too late Tiger" she whispered back.
We continued working and I felt so relaxed now I told them about Mackenzie. On the other hand, my brain was wrecking because of how much I thought about getting Ell back.

-Amanda's P.O.V-

I ran into the bathroom, put on cute panties and a black tanktop. I ran into my room and Harmony was taking her shirt off.
"HARMONY! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!" I pointed at her hip.
"Fuck you Amanda you scared the living shit out of me!"
"Well what is it"
"It's an owl, I got a tattoo, Surprise!"
"How come you didn't tell me?!"
"I forgot"
"This is not something you forget to mention to your best friend! "
She started laughing, I walked towards her and took a closer look. It was a perfect sized owl, black and white but beautiful.
Harmony got dressed in a half top and short shorts.
Max and Dawn came with all the essentials. The notebook,  the possession, four tubs of various kinds of ice cream, chocolate, chips and Music.
We kicked everybody out so the house was ours, Max wore a long sleeved shirt and undies. Dawn wore a tank top with long pyjama pants.
They were all in shock about Harmony's tatt. We all put one one directions album and we started to sing along and dance. Just like the old days.
While we were dancing, we all screamed because rocks were being thrown on my terris window violently. We stopped the music and went outside. I was in total shock.
"YOU FUCKIN TP'D MY HOUSE!" I yelled at the guys.
They were laughing. Zayn whistled at me because of what I was wearing, I just raised my middle finger at him, and Liam threw a "hello sexy" at Harmony. Niall winked at Dawn, but lou and Haz weren't there.
"That reminds me, where the hell is Lia" asked Dawn.
"I kinda told Haz to stay with her tonight, she's been acting really weird lately" said Harmony.
"You did that?!" I asked her and Laughed.
We went downstairs, put the notebook on, devoured all the Ice cream and crashed.

-Harmony's P.O.V-

The door flew open and Lia barged in, we all woke up startled. "REALLY HARMONY?! TELLING HARRY TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM THIS FUCKING SLEEPOVER"
"YO! chill Bitch!" Said Amanda.
"Amanda stay out of this" said Harry.
"The fuck Haz?" She said.
"SHUT UP! I CANT BELIEVE YOU HARMONY! CHOOSE RIGHT NOW! ME OR THEM!" she yelled in my face. Everbody was here, Liam looked at me shocked. Zayn held onto Amanda.
"You can't make me choose" I whispered.
"I can't" I said.
"Lia" started Haz.
I looked at Liam waiting for him to help me, but he just stood there. I was so angry.
"Lia, you want me to choose?"
She took a minute and then ran out of the house.
"I can't believe you would do that Harmony,  you know how it feels!"
"Liam, Mate, slow down on her" said Zayn.
Tears were running down my cheeks. Zayn pulled Liam out. Harry was the closest to me so I hugged him and started crying. Liam, my Liam just did that.
"I'm so sorry" I whispered into his jacket.
"You did me a favour" he said.
I fell on the couch, my head was on Mackenzie's lap, Amanda laid down beside me, and Dawn was on the floor next to me. I cried so hard that I fell asleep.

Amanda's P.O.V

I invited the boys over to my house this afternoon, I have a plan. No one hurts my boo bear without consequences. The doorbell rang and I answered it, Zayn came in and kissed me, but I didn't kiss back. "Hey Lou how bout you, Harmony and Max go get ice cream." I said. "Uhh sure?" He said confused. They left, I turned my attention to Dawn, "Dawn if you stop me or hold me back I'll break your hands." She put her hands behind her back and sat on the couch. Niall sat next to her, "What's going on love?" He asked her. "Just watch." She said. I went in front of Liam, "You're an asshole. You're the biggest fuckin pig I've ever met." I said looking at him. Everyone looked at me in shock. He stood up, "And why? Might I ask." He said. "You're a prick! You pretend to be caring and you fucking scream at Harmony like that?!" I screamed. "She deserved it!!" He screamed back. Zayn stood up and walked towards me, "Sit your ass down, I'll deal with you in a second." I spat at him. Harry put his hand on Zayn's shoulder. "The only thing she deserves is somebody better than you!!" I screamed. "On the contrary!" He screamed. I punched him hard, he fell back on the couch. Harry walked towards me and I shot him a death stare. "She should dump your sorry ass!" I screamed. "She wouldn't." He said holding his bloody nose. "I'll make sure! Cuz you're not caring you're a loser! And you spent the night with Lia?!! What the flying fuck is your problem?!" I spat. "Harmony hurt her." He said. "And you hurt Harmony!" I yelled. I walked over to Zayn, "And you stopped me from beating her up!" I screamed at Zayn. I was so close to slapping him, but my brother walked in. I looked at him, "Where were you?" I asked. "I drove that Lia girl to the airport. Why is Liam bleeding?" He asked. I went over to him and slapped him, "What the fuck you bitch?!" He yelled at me. "You drove her to the airport!! You don't even know her!" I screamed. "Your dumbass boyfriend told me to drive her." He said.
I turned around and looked at Zayn. "She needed a ride." He said moving back. "There are plenty of taxis." I said walking towards him. I saw Dawn whisper something in Niall's ear. All of the sudden Niall came up to me and hugged me, "My hugs make everyone happy. I'm like Barney." He said into my hair. I pushed him off, "I hate Barney." I said. "Why the hell can't you be normal and talk to us like a real girl?!" Liam screamed. Everyone looked at him like he made a huge mistake. Marcus came in and looked around, "What's going on?" He asked confused. "Mate, she needs some air." Harry told Marcus. Zayn looked at Harry like he was going to kill him. Marcus put his arm around my shoulders and took me outside. I sat down on the stairs and put my face in my hands. "What's wrong?" He asked with his hands still around my shoulders. "Liam was being harsh on Harmony so I punched him." I smirked. "That's my girl." Marcus said smiling. "That Lia bitch did all this. Everything was perfect. Now it's not." I said looking down. "Well it wouldn't be life if it was perfect." He said looking at me. I looked at him, "Ya you're right." I smiled. He kissed my forehead, "Sometimes I like you more than my brother." I said putting my head on his shoulders. He laughed, "I don't blame you." He said. We sat for a while and decided to go in before Harmony comes back. I sat on the couch and Haz came and sat next to me. "This never happened. Go clean yourself up Payne." Marcus said opening the tv. They came back and we all acted natural.

-Niall's P.O.V-

'I've never seen her this mad before" I said to Dawn.
"I have" she said. We made a quick exit when Amanda and Marcus came in.
Liam came in to clean his nose. He was all bloody from the punch.
"You were too hard on her Liam" I said.
"You reckon?" He sighed while washing his nose.
"Liam, she's your girlfriend" said Dawn "you should have helped her then talked about it, and in private"
"She's right mate"
Dawn and I walked into the living room and as if on cue Harmony, Max and Louis came in. Harmony's phone lit up from the LED so she opened it and looked like she was in total shock but tried acting cool.
"I'll be right back" she said and ran up stairs. something was fishy.
"I'll be back in a second" I whispered into Dawns ear.
I ran upstairs, Harmony had locked the bathroom door. I put my ear on the door and heard sobbing and it sounded like she was trying so hard not to scream. Something was not right. I ran downstairs and out of breath I yell.
"Harmony.  Upstairs.  Bathroom  crying. Hurting"
I say Liam and Amanda's eye in shock. What the hell was going on?
Amanda shot upstairs with Liam on her tail. Everybody was soon upstairs. Amanda was knocking violently and then she started screaming.
Liam soon joined the knocking.
Amanda was having a breakdown she leaned her back to the door and sat down, face in her hands and sobbing.
Liam was beginning to worry.
"Back away" he said. Zayn pulled Amanda away. I've never seen Liam do something as violent as this. He pushed the door with his foot as hard as he could until he broke it. And Holy shit.

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