Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


44. cute smile

-Dawn's P.O.V-

I went shopping alone because Amanda was with Mackenzie, cheering her up. My phone beeped.

From: Niall Horan <3
I miss your cute smile Dawn. I have to see you soon :(

To: Niall Horan <3
Hahahaha I saw you yesterday :)

From: Niall Horan <3
One day inst enough :( I miss having you next to me.

To: Niall Horan <3
What are you doing ATM?

From: Niall Horan <3
Nothing, Why?

To: Niall Horan <3
Meet me in central park Xx

I changed Directions and headed to Central park. I was so looking forward to seeing The cute Irish man. I walked around for ten minutes. I noticed a guy wearing a hoodie and RayBans walking in front on me, he had a silly band on. I ran up to him and put my hands on his glasses.

"Dawn?" he said in his Irish Accent.

"who else?" i said as we hugged.

He raised my head with his finger and pecked my lips, I felt myself blush.

We held hands and walked around the park, we talked about various random topics.



"Go out with me?"

"I thought you'd never ask" I hugged him. He's perfect.

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