Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


48. Corduroy cream colored trouser

-Dawn's P.O.V-

We all went to the place the guys were renting. It was massive!

Liam looked a little down, and I would say because he parted with Harmony. I was sitting in the kitchen with Harry and Louis when my little Irish man came in.

"I'm taking you out today" He whispered. My smile was from ear to ear.

"Hey guys, I have to go home" I said.

"Let me drop you off" offered Amanda.

"sure" I smiled at her.
When I got home I put on a really cute lime green dress, i curled my hair and put some makeup on. When I finished as if on cue I heard a knock on the door. My family all piled up behind the door, they all wanted to meet him. They are so embarrassing! I opened the door to find Niall holding a bouquet of a dozen roses.

"Hello" he said, blushing.

"Hi, Lets go?"

"Oh umm yed, um these are for you" He handed me the flowers.

"awwww thank you" i said, i handed them to my mom and went out.

"sorry about that, they tend to be very embarrassing" i giggle.

"it's fine, You look beautiful" he said making me blush.

We went to the cinema, Niall was obviously undercover. We watched a horror movie, so i spent the whole of it cuddled up into Niall's chest, I wasn't complaining though, on the contrary i liked it.

After the Cinema we went to a very fancy restaurant and we ordered spaghetti, cant get messier than that. We talked about random things and then he went to drop me off.

"I had an awesome time today" i say as we approach the door of my apartment.

"so did I, Say Dawn?"

"yes" I looked at him.

"I know this is way too fast but will you be mine?" i bit my bottom lip and smiled.

"yes" i squeaked, He was so happy he hugged me, spun me around and planted a big kiss on my lips.

"I'll text you" he said.

"ok" I smiled at him and closed the door.

Oh My God!


-Zayn's P.O.V-


"Zayn, I don't want to go to school" Amanda pouted through the phone.

"Amanda, Love, school first" I told her, smiling at her cute morning voice.

"Grrrrrr" she rawred. Too adorable.

"Get up! Harry and I are coming to pick you up in five" I said.

"augh! fine!" She hung up. I smiled.

I walked downstairs. Liam was eating cereal with a fork, well he wasn't eating he was just slowly stirring the milk while gazing into the bowl.

"Hey mate" I patted him on his back.



"nothing" he sighed.

"you miss her don't you?"

"Surprisingly yes! I just feel like i want her with me all the time, you know what i mean?" he looked so desperate.

"Yeah, I wish the girls can just make up already" I say.

"Same" Haz Came in.

"Hazza, come on! we gotta take Amanda to school" I said. I was dressed in Corduroy cream colored trouser and a white t-shirt. Haz on the other side was wearing PJ's. We climber into the car, i sat in the backseat in order to sit with Amanda.
She was siting on the pavement reading a story, then she noticed us and got into the car, she was wearing a miniskirt with a shirt, thigh high socks and converse.

"Hi" she said as she cuddled up next to me. I kissed her forehead.



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