Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


23. Canada

- Niall's P.O.V-

Harmony's eyes were redder than her hair, the girls dragged her to the table. Like literally dragged her.
"Whats wrong?!" Asked Liam. To be honest, he really seemed to care about Harmony, It's like a father-daughter thing but still he talks about her like she's his girlfriend although he's in a relationship. It's so confusing!
"Nothing I'm fine" she faked a smile.
"Bullshit!" Said Amanda squeezing Harmony's hand tight.
"ouch Amanda!" pouted Harmony as she pulled her hand out of Amanda's grip.
"Spit it out!" Said Mackenzie, looking slightly worried and on the edge of tears.
"Come on Harmony" I said and put my hand on her knee for encouragement.
"I'm moving to Canada!" She started crying even more, her face was in her hands and she was sobbing silently, the girls were in a bit of shock, and then I could see Max tearing up, Amanda wasn't that far behind and Dawn was still in shock and she had her hands on her mouth.
"Why?" Asked Haz.
"My dad got a promotion" she cried.
I stood up, pulled her up and gave her a hug, Liam came and started rubbing her back. Zayn's arms were around Amanda, he was comforting her. Lou's were around Mackenzie and Hazza was rubbing Dawns back.
"When are you moving?" Sobbed Mackenzie.
"Next week" she cried into my chest.
"Then we're gonna make this the best week of your life" Said Liam. I looked at her and she gave me a tiny smile. We all nodded and headed out to central park.


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