Just Our Luck (one direction trilogy book one)

Getting the number of a member of the biggest boy band on earth, leads to some crazy things. Read Harmony, Mackenzie, Dawn and Amanda's story when they meet the most famous and cheeky boys ever.


64. Amanda's Birthday

HEY GUYS! This is the chapter that is before the last one :( but! there is a sequel! and i have to say i like it waaaaaay better than this one :3 ENJOY!


-Harmony's P.O.V -

I got out of the hospital and its been two weeks since then, Mackenzie and Marcus are a thing. Finally. And El came over as well, she was Amazing. We had already planned Amanda's birthday party. Each one of us, Max, Zayn, Dawn and I had to choose a dress. So she would change her dress 4 times.
We were going to throw her party in a bar, to celebrate her 18th, it was also a black and white party, only Amanda could wear colors. The party was this evening so all 4 of us when to the Spa. Her parents present.
"Ok, your gonna wear the dress I bought you first, sooo here it is" said Dawn handing her a dress bag.
It was a bandage, black and blue dress. Amanda gasped.
"Innocent Dawn bought me a short dress? Gasp!" She teased we all laughed.
We got our hair done, nails,  make up and massages.

We all went to Amanda's house, well our house, to get ready. Amanda had chosen my dress, I felt so out of my comfort zone. I was wearing a dress that is a sweetheart cut and sequence from the top and puffy at the bottom.
"Damn girl" hollered Amanda. I just crossed my arms and smiled. I covered my cut with accessories, and wore black heels.
Dawn wore a one sleeve shifoun black dress. I whistled at her.
Max wore a high low black dress.
Amanda wore the dress Dawn gave her, all the other dresses were already in the bar.
We posed and took pictures so we can upload them to Facebook later.
Marcus was downstairs and when we walked down the stairs he started whistling.
Mackenzie ran to him and he planted a kiss on her lips. We took more pictures, Until the limo arrived.
The music coming out of the limo was so loud. I took a breath and followed them.

-Amanda's P.O.V -

We climbed into the limo, Zayn was blushing and in shock. I sat next to him, I high fived everybody And I saw Els dress my jaw dropped.
"Eleanor! You looks amazayn!" Said Mackenzie,  Zayn and I laughed.
Harmony looked as uncomfortable as ever, Liam's told me that they haven't talked since she got out of the hospital.
Zayn was looking at me from head to toe, I decided to tease him so I casually put my hand on his knee, I looked around Max and Marcus were chatting, Niall and Dawn were talking pictures, El and Louis were looking at something on Els phone, Harmony and Liam were on two different sides of the limo and both of them were looking outside. After checking that nobody was looking I slipped my hand to his inner thigh, his face was so red when I started rubbing slowly,  getting closer to his crotch everytime, He grabbed my hand and kissed it. I laughed at him and he just gave me the your-Dead-to-me look.
We got to the bar, security was all over the place. Fans were screaming, Harmony was most popular with then, so she smiled and waved. Liam had no choice but to put his hands around her so rumors font fly.
Zayn grabbed my arm and stopped me, what the hell is he planning? He put his hand on my neck and smashed his lips against mine. The fans were cheering sooooo loud. I blushed when he pulled away and waved to the fans, until Paul pulled us inside.

Mackenzie's P.O.V-

After an hour of Partying I grabbed Amanda and lead her to backstage.
"Ready to change?" I asked excited.
"Yes please" she giggled. I gave her the Dress bag. It was a half black half sequined bandage dress.
"Ok so you get dress and then get on stage, to model it" I said.
"Wait! what?!"
"You heard me, good luck" I kissed her cheek and ran outside to Marcus.
I put my hands on his eyes. He turned around and grabbed me by the waist, we walked to the dance floor and started dancing like maniacs.
When the song finished, the spot light was on Amanda, she looked freaking sexy!
She walked the cat walk, posed then we applauded. Zayn ran to the stairs and they started dancing.
I ran over to Zayn and whispered.
"Body shot" I started nodding.
He ran to the DJ and took the mic.
"You can't turn 18 without someone giving u a body shot" he said. Amanda was in total shock, I started cheering,  everybody followed.
Marcus carried her to the bar counter. Zayn pulled her dress up, he put salt, lemon and tequila in her belly button and then set it up until he put some in her mouth. Her sipped the tequila from her belly button licked the salt and lemon from her stomach and finally started making out with her until everything bit of tequila was transferred from her mouth to his. When he looked at us showing that he was done we all cheered. Amanda looked pleased and we continued dancing.

-Zayn's P.O.V-

"You're good" whispered Amanda into my ear.
"And you're sexy" I whispered back.
I ran to the bar and ordered two Redbull tequila shots.
"The first of many I said raising the glass"
"Cheers" she laughed and we drank.
"Wow that is strong" she said shaking her head.
We walked around greeting people.
"Zayn Dear!" Someone called. I looked at whoever was calling.
"Oh hey! Amanda this is Zoe, she is the hiring manager of Bebe"
"Pleasure" she smiled and shook Zoe's hand.
"Pleasure is all mine, say you look absolutely stunning, and we are needing gorgeous models, herw is my card, give me a call if your interested" she said. I smiled at Amanda she was so excited.
"Zayn, put this in your wallet baby" she handed it to me.
"Ready to change?" I asked she nodded. I grabbed her hand and pulled her backstage.  I gave her the dress.
It was a long sleeved, short dress with two holes on the sides.
"Can I watch while you put it on?" I smirked. 
"Out" she laughed.

-Harmony's P.O.V-

Amanda looked beautiful. I started walking around the place aimlessly. I really didn't want to talk about what happened before two weeks with Liam.
"We need to talk" Someone whispered into my ear.
"Liam, can we not?" I said looking at the floor.
"Ok then just dance with me"
"Ok" I accepted his hand.
He put his hands around my waist, I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my head on his shoulder.
We danced for a while, both just enjoying the company of each other.
"I don't get you" I started.
"You're so out of my legue"
"Shut up"
"I can never stop owing you Liam"
"You dont owe me anything"
"Yes I do"
"Harmony you are the best thing that has happened to me"
"Harmony, I love you"
I was in shock, I looked up at him. Before I can say anything Amanda snatched me away to backstage.
"I have to change" she said panting.
"Here you go" I say while giving it to her.
"Harmony this dress is stunning!"
"I'm glad you like it" I smiled.
I ran outside, ran to Louis.
"Did you see Liam?"
"Oh yeah, he just left"
"Oh, thanks"
I sat on a stool and shed a tear. Liam.

-Louis's P.O.V -

El and I had the best time at the party, we were like before but even more in love. I guess you never know what you have until it's gone. Haz texted me.
I told El to tell the girls and I'll tell the girls.
I ran to Zayn and whispered.
"He's here"
"Another body shot?" Teased Amanda.
"No come on" said Zayn.
We were all standing outside in a line.
"What's going on here?"
"SURPRISE" we all yelled and pulled away to reveal a new ferrari.
"NO WAY!" She started jumping. We all hugged her, wished her a happy birthday and got back in the bar.






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