Alone At Last

All typical-teen Joanna Matthews wants is a room full of boy band posters, the latest fashion in her wardrobe and of course, to be left alone by her parents. But what happens on a family cruise to Barbados, will a chain of events change her mind? Or will the love between them conquer all? Find out in Alone At Last.


1. London, Lashes, Left Alone

"Please don't pack anything unsuitable Joanna!" My mum yells from the kitchen. She doesn't exactly need a megaphone to be heard, and she's usually the quiet one in the family. I guess it's just the pressure of the first family holiday since Gemma died. I grabbed my new fake eyelashes and wrapped them up in my underwear before placing them in my suitcase, she hates me wearing make-up on a daily basis and I doubt she would be thrilled of me wearing a whole other set of eyelashes. As I grab my extremely revealing bikini I stop. Maybe I should just take it easy this once, for mum. I took my underwear hiding my eyelashes and chucked it on the floor behind me. I should do something about this bikini too, I'm pretty sure it should cover me up a bit more than it does. As I start to take out anything inappropriate, my mum barges through the door. "Joanna! What are you doing?" She bellows. "Hurry up! And what is that underwear doing on the floor?" I look behind me as I realise what she's doing, my mouth opens but no words come out, the eyelashes in their small plastic box tumble out as the underwear unravels in my mum's hands.

"What an earth are you thinking?" She screams, I've never noticed her nostrils so wide, her face so red and her eyes filled with such anger. "These are Gemma's! You stay out of her old stuff and stop being a thieving little twat!"

"I can't steal from my sister if she's dead..." I muttered. She looked up at me with a glare as a tear ran down her face, she's obviously heard what I had said, and I'd obviously taken it too far. 

"Just, just... stay away from me this holiday, okay? You can wear fake face and walk around in your nil but don't come out with anything as ignorant as that again, especially to your own flesh and blood!" I could see the pain in her face as she looked to the ground. I can't keep choosing stupid ideas over my mother. "Stay away from me..." I definitely will, I just want to be isolated from the world. My mother's going mad, my sister is dead and my father will most likely be working on the only family holiday in years. I want to be left alone...

A/N Hi guys! How you liking the new book? I've kind of adapted an idea I had and completely twisted it.



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