Letters to Him

George Shelley, a 19 year old singer with big ambitions to be as big as the famous band, One Direction, is in a coma. His best friend, Arianna Tomlinson, was with him at the car crash. Arianna blames herself for it all, so she writes letters to George for when George wakes up, but Arianna isn't so sure about one thing; Will George ever wake up from his coma?


7. You're Still Warm

Dear George, 

At long last, when the doctors let me see you the next day, I went into a room you was in. Your cheeks was still rosy red, your skin still at it's slightly tanned colour. I sat down next to your bedside, but when I held your hand, it was unusually warm. I looked at your face. Surely, you was dead? I stood up and walked to the heartbeat monitor, and I noticed that the white clip thing that was attached to your finger had fallen off, so the monitor couldn't find anything. Oh my god, that meant you was still alive! I pressed a red button above your bed, and a nurse came hurrying into the room. I explained to the nurse, and she ran out of the room, then three doctors came in, along with the nurse. They put the heartbeat scanner clip thing back on your finger, and the heart monitor started to work again. You was fine! I burst into tears, crying with tears of relief. "We have to shock him out of his coma, he's in a huge risk of losing his life," I heard a doctor say, then the nurse took me out of the room. "Time of death: 11:22pm" the doctor said after failing to shock you out of your coma. I protested for them to keep trying. They agreed to do it again, shocking you for five times. The first attempt, nothing. The second attempt, nothing. The third attempt, nothing as well. The fourth attempt, nothing. The fifth and the last attempt, they shocked you and I overheard one of the doctors cheer that you was life. I wanted to cry, but all of my tears were dried up. But the doctors wouldn't let me see you. I have no idea why not. 


Arianna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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